Vulcan Salute


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The following individuals have all contributed to 'A Salute to Her Majesty' and would like to add
their congratulations and messages to Her Majesty in celebrating 60 Glorious Years.

Entered our 'Salute' - Find your name above:

Salute Name Salute Message
Margaret Abbott
Barrie Abbott
Derek Abbott
Mr Ronald Abercombie
James Abraham
Sqn Ldr James Adams
Anne Adams Congratulations!  We love and admire you
Henry William Adams Congratulations to Her Majesty on this great celebration
Matthew W Adams
Richard Adams
Nicky Alcock Congratulations to the two greatest ladies of Great Britain
Maurice Adlard
Pamela Jane Agius Wishing Your Majesty a wonderful Diamond Jubilee year
Mrs Doreen Ainscough
Mr Alan Aitchison
Group Captain Peter Akehurst RAF
Martin Akerman
Mildred Alcock
Sidney Alcock
Mildred and Sidney Alcock In memory of the most wonderful parents ever
Enid Alderson
Tony Aldridge
Ann Alenius
Hazel M Alexander
John Allan We have lived thro the most unbelievable era, how lucky
Paul F Allcock
John and Hazel Allen
Mr Michael C Allen
Mr Anthony Allen
Linda Allen
Perryn Allen
Keith Allen In memory of Vulcan Nav. Tony Page my best pal in Nav. Training
Lynn M Allen
Neil L E Bishopp
Margaret E Bishopp
Geoff C A Allen
Miss Grace Bishopp
Mrs Lynn Allen
Geoffrey J Allgood
Derrick Allison
Heather J Allison
Sqn Ldr Clive Allkins
Sqn Ldr Ross Allkins
James Allwood
Susan Allwood
Jackson Allwright
Tobie Allwright
Bruce Allwright
Rosalind Allwright
Eira Alsop
Ray Alsop
Brian Ambrose
Lauren Marie Anderson
Kenneth Anderson
Kevin Anderson Well done, Keep up the good work for Alan Johnson
Robert Anderson
Capt & Mrs W. A. Anderton
Paul Andrews
Mary Antill
Arthur Antill
John D Appleton
Karen Michele Applin
Timothy Mark Applin
Robin Apthorpe Vulcan & I were RAF contemporary. Good health Your Majesty
David Archer Thank you for 60 years of outstanding and loyal service
Ken Arksey
D. E. C. Armour
J. A. Armour
Mark Steven Armstrong
Colin David Armstrong
Stuart Armstrong
Philip Armstrong
Jeanette Cathro Congratulations Your Majesty
Gavin Arnold
Brian P Arthurs
Hilary S A Arthurs
Fritz Sam Arunasalon Good luck and forever airborn
Alan Leslie Ashby Marvel as XH558 flies down The Mall on 4 june - I shall!
Kathryn Ashcroft
Mike Ashcroft I salute Her Majesty and XH558. They both put Great in G.B.
Alfred C Ashdown
Chris Ashelby
Mr Kenneth Ashman
Anne Ashmore
Peter and Frances Ashton
John Aspinall
Valerie May Aspinall
Peter Asquith
Roy Asser
Mrs Pat Asser
Anne Atkin
Peter Atkin
Don Atkins
Mrs Tina Atkinson
Lynne and John Atkinson
Christopher Robert Atkinson
Gordon and Margaret Atkinson Gratitude for two icons for 60 years of dedicated service
George Attilakos
Jihn William Attridge
Mike Atyeo
Jan and Keith Audus
John Augoustis
Wallace Aulton
Julie Aulton
Marcus Aurelius
Derek S Austen
Stephen Austin Happy returns on your special day
Mr and Mrs D M Austin
Vic G Avery
Eunice Wilson For my dear friend Gina on her 80th birthday x
Brian Ayres Keep flying!
Jack Alan Bagguley
Peter Bailey
Martin L Bailey
Kenneth Bailey
Mr Ken Bailey
Sophie and Joshua Bailey
Captain Tim Bailey FRAeS
Sue Bailey
Brian Bain
Mrs June Baines
The Bairsto Family
Alison Baristo Good luck in the Jubilee year
Trevor G Baker, Tamworth
Michael and Marie Baker. Stockton on Tees
Alan R Baker Remember those crew mates no longer with us
Jake Balcombe Happy 60th anniversary Your Majesty
SAC Rick Baldeo
Keith Baldock-Grimes
Sue Baldock-Grimes
Ella Baldock-Grimes
Louis Baldock-Grimes
Pauline Baldwin Congratulations on 60 years
Kim Taylor
Chris Taylor
R E Bale Flt Lt RAF Ret'd Congratulations Your Majesty. My great honour & priviledge to serve you
Mrs J A Bale
John Porter Ball
Martin J and Jane P Ball Thank you for your majestic service over the last 60 years
Lee Balthazor
Mr M E Bampfield
Mr G D Pepper 60 years of happiness that touched so many people
John H Banger
Will J Daniels
Marian and David Bangham The UK is a better place thanks to your selfless devotion
Tony Banks
Tony Banton
Mr Michael Banwell
Peter Barber
David Edward Barclay
Howard Jenkins and Steph Lock One Queen, one Vulcan, long may they continue!
F/O George Barker RAF engineer retired
Gordon A Barker
John D Barker
Jom Barker
Mr Ivon Barker
Tim Barker
Caroline W Barker
Brian E Barker
Marion Barlow
David Barnacle
Adrian Barnacle
Miss Charlotte Barnes
Phillip John Mongomery Dyte
Mr Colin Barnes
Howie Barnes
Robert F Barnett Majesty on the ground protected by Majesty in the skies
David Barraclough Ex Corporal  45 CDO R.M. Congratulations. God save The Queen
David John Barradell
Flt Lt David Barradell
Frances Barratt-Hone Ex WAAF
Mr Roger Barrett
Ivy Barrett
Mrs Ivy Barrett
Lancelot Barron
Mr John Bartholmew
William Bartle
Eric Charles Bartlett
Peter Bartlett
P J Bartlett
Alan James Basham
John Cooper Basnett
Stephen J Bateman
Doris E Bateman For Ralph Carpenter, brother. Missing return Peenemunde Raid.
Nick Bather and Family in Scotland 60 years for GREAT Britain! I'm ex AAC and proud of Wills and Harry
Mrs Valerie Batho
Col C G Batty Here's Health unto Her Majesty
William K M Bawden
Maggie Bawden Rawsthorne (nee Wood) Thank you Ma'am
Maurice Wallman
John Bax
Mick Bax
Andrew Baxendale
Ruth Baxendale
John Mac Bayes
Peter Bayliss. Vulcan Supporter
Mary Bayliss. Vulcan Supporter
John Graham Beacon AVRO Vulcan - A truly remarkable aircraft - Ahead of it's time
Marion and John Meakins Heartfelt and sincere congratulations
Marion Beadles
Miss Marion Beadles
Patricia Beadles
Stan Beadles
Stuart L Bear
David James Beardsall
Anthony Edward Beare
Vivien Beasley
Martibn Beastall
Robert Beattie
P J Beushaw
Mr Neil Beavan
Air Chief Marshall Sir Michael Beavis Sincere congratulations Your Majesty
Paul Beazley
Simon C Beck
Michelle L Avory
Charlton P H Avory
Lenny (The greyhound) Avory
Noah R Cooper
John F Beckenham
Brian Beckley
Chris Bee
Tim Bell
Toni Blythe
Jeanette and Terry Bell
Mr Michael Bell
David Ivan Bell
Denise Bell
Mr Tim Bell
Jo Bellingham
Mr & Mrs G Bellis
Mr Glyn Bellis
Mrs Winnifred Bellis
Mrs Yvonne Kyndt
Dr Wendy Odell. BDS MSc
Alan & Helen Benford V Force - the Vulcan was the image of an exciting time
Lisa Simone Bennett
Arnold Bennett
Wg Cdr J B Bennett
Michael J Bennett
George Bennett Congratulations to our dear Queen on 60 years of service
Howard Benson
Peter Bentley Ex RAF 1953 TO 1958
Ernest Beresford ex RAF 1941 - 1947
Holger Bernau Long live the noble Queen
David Berstein
The Berrett Family
Sqn Ldr R D Berry RAF Ret'd
Mrs Valtude Berry
Robert Berry and Natasha Stuart Congratulations on 60 years on the throne! Heres to many more
Claire Louise Beswick Vulcan - fly, fly, fly in memory of your brothers, Victor & Valiant
Mr Gordon Betteridge
Mrs Jean B Betterton
Peter Huntingdon Bewers M I M I
Wg Cdr and Mrs D I W Bewley
Ken Bick
Mr John Biddle
Andy Ross Biddulph
Bill Biggs Thank you for 60 wonderful years
Mr Maurice Kenneth Bilboe
Emma and Mark Treby
John Bilton
Brian Bilverstone Congratulations and loyal greetings for your Diamond Jubilee
Victor Biraben
Paul Snook
Joan Birch
Andrew Birch
Mr Alan James Birkett
Diane Birkett Keep flying high!
Sheila Bishop
Ian Black
Peter Black Keep going - Both of you!
Stephen Black
John Blacker Ex RAF
Phillipa Kennedy Blackford Flt Lt
Mr Ian Derek Blackwell
Barbara Blades
Linda Blake-Lobb
Matthew James Clyde Blampey Congratulations. Loyal a Mort Blampey Family. West Australia
Mike Blanchard, Scarborough
Mrs Beverlie Blee
Beverlie Blee
Reg Harding
Joyce Blenkiron
Clive Block
Mo Boardman
Roy Boardman
Diana Boardman
Chris Boden (Retired Vulcan Leckie)
Rod Bolmer Congratulations Your Majesty on reaching your Diamond Jubilee
John and Phyllis Bolt
Alan Bolton Ex RAF 1941-1947
Peter Eric Bond
Cpl Denise Boneham
Norman Booth
Donald F Booth
David and Christine Boothby
Malcolm Booton Your Majesty well done on 60 glorious years. Also for the Vulcan too
Ellie Lloyd What a great 60 yrs it  has been. Good luck on your anniversary
Mr A Boshier
Reginald Edward Bosworth
Captain Peter Boulding FRAeS
Andrew Boulton
Helen Yule Boulton
Pat Boulton
Andrew Patrick Bourke
Brian Bowden A British treasure that should never be allowed to fade away
Mr Michael Bowles
Colonel Mike Bowles MBE Congratulations and loyal best wishes
Hooker / Bowman Family. Lincolnshire
Valerie G Bowyer We have a great Queen. Keep going Ma'am
Peter Boyce
Paul A Boyle
George W Brack
Heather Braddock
John Dunsby.Barrow Ciose, Marlborough To John on the occasion of his 70th birthday 8th Feb Chris and Kay B
Christopher Bradley
Lucas Michael Randall Brown
Michael James Randell Disney
HelenLouise Randall Brown
Darren Michael Randall Brown
James William Bradley
Cindy Bradley
Keith Howard Bradley
David and Simon Hodson Our very best wishes
Bradleys Quality dry cleaning Marking the Queens's Diamond Jubilee and Bradleys 100 year
Keith L Bradshaw
Ollie Brake, aged 7
Andrew, Susan and Chloe Bramall
Cyril Bramzell
Shirley Brant
Mr and Mrs Peter & Shirley Brant
Pamela Bratchell In loving memory of Dennis (70 Squadron 1942)
Michael Bray
Paul W Bray
The Breeze Family A magnificent achievement - 60 glorious years!
Peter Brewer
Graham A. Brewster
Mrs Betty Bridge Congratulations on your health, long may your reign continue
Mr Tony Bridge
Carol Bridgeman. Ball Hill, East Woodhay
Mark Bridges
G S Bridges
George Brigginshaw BEM
Martyn and Julia Briggs Heartfelt admiration and affection on your Diamond Jubilee
Jeremy H Briggs
Flt Lt Don Briggs. DFC Priviledged to fly XH558 in 1970
Sqn Ldr Clive D Brimson RAF Ret'd
Kieth Brimson
Peter Brimson
William Brimson
Issabella Brimson
Henry Brindley
Maureen Brinkman
Colin Brinkman
Harold Britton
Dorothy Britton
John, Joan, Andrew, Donna and Isabeau Broad Long may you continue to reign over us
Marj Wallacew Congratulations on 60 yrs Your Majesty
John Broadhead
Jillian Mary Broadhead
Hugh Broadhead
Chris Brockbank
Mick Brodie
Liz Brodie
Mr R A Brodie
Steven Bronock
Wg Cdr Mike Brooke
Baz Broome HMS Fearless 1982 God bless you for the past 60 years Your Majesty
Thomas Broomhead
Sylvia Broomhead
Jane Broscombe
Roger Boscombe
Richard and Pamela Broster
Steve Brough
Brian Broughton
Christine Broughton
Dave Broughton ex SAC
David Broughton
Judith + David Brown
Sqn Ldr Bob Brown RAF Ret'd
Gill Brown
Brown. Alan and Jean
Brown. Alan and Victoria
Brown. Valentine, Laura and Valerie
Armishaw. David and Wendy
Andy and Tara Brown
Tom and Jennie Brown
Gordon Brown
David W Brown
Clive Brown
Harvey Parker-Brown
Mr Keith M Brown
Mervyn Brown
Barry Brown
Chris M Brown
Marion A Brown Thank you for your services to our wonderful country
Tess Brown. Cheltenham
David Brown
Brian W Brown My Grandson and I salute Your Majest on your Diamond Jubilee
Bryn W Brown Aged 9 My Grandad and I salute Your Majesty on your Diamond Jubilee
Swn Ldr Barrie Browning OBE
Donald Charles Baker
Gilbert Bruce
David Bryant
Tyna Brych
Robin Michael Bryder Veteran of The Royal Armoured Corps
Mr Robin Bryder Veteran of Royal Armoured Corp
Jennifer Brzuzowska For Ian A H Croad from his daughters Liz, Jen and Kate
Andrew and Kristen Buchan HRH and XH558, Thank you for keeping the "Great" in Britain
Simon J L Buck
Peter J Buckle Congratulations A life of service to both UK and Commonwealth
Andy Buckley
Alan Buckley
Janine Buckley
Doris May Buckley
John Buckley Master Signaller. Hastings Aircraft
Major H Budworth T.D. R.E.M.E. Ret'd
George and Susan Bulgin God bless Your Majesty. From the United States of America
Alan R Bullock
Craig Bulman
Karen Ann Sherwood
Sue "Pink Peril" Bunce
Marion Bune
Robert Bune
Beatrice Bunnell
Sylvia And Tony Bunnell
Dorothy Bunting Congratulations from an Ulster Aviation Society Member
Cyril Burch
John Burfoot
Brian Burgoine
Georgina Burnett
G Burnett LTECHFS 9/12/35 Sqn RAF Ret'd
Ian Peter Burridge
Mr Christopher Burrough MBE
Christopher G Burrow
Raymond Burrows Thank you for your years of service and majestic appearances
Linda Jane Burrows
Richard Burrows
Oliver Kent Burrows
Mr Michael A Bush
Michael and Mabel Bush and Family Many congratulations for 60 years of a "job well done"
Brent Buskell
Neil Bussey Best wishes to a wonderful Queen who serves the nation well
Ray Butchart
Stuart Butcher
Keith Butler
Arthur G Butlet ARPS
Sdn Ldr D W J Butler. DFC
Maureen Byllam-Barnes
Joseph Byllam-Barnes
Frank Byrnes
Jan Byrnes
Roy E Cadoux
J Cahill
Brian Caiger
Mrs Cherrilyn Caine May your Diamond Jubilee crown an "Annus Miracbilis" for you
Rodger Cairncross To her Majesty, Long may yer lum reek
Mrs Ann Calvert
Robert A D Cameron
Julie Cameron
Ross Cameron
John P Camp Congratulations on your anniversary Ma'am
Michael Campbell
Malcolm and Patricia Campbell
John and Marion Campbell Congratulations Ma'am from both of us
Bob (Titch) Campbell Service 1943 - 50 Squadrons 61 - 52 - 114 - 78 - 70
Jim Campbell (Bangor, N.I.) Congratulations on your Diamond Jubill. Long may you reign
Jon Anthony Campbell-Vencato
Mr Glenn Canham
Capt W R Canning RN CO HMS Broadsword 82
David Capel MBE Greetings from a Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Member
Walter John Capell
Stephen Capon Queen Elizabeth. Truly the spirit of Great Britain!
Peter Carbutt F/O Congratulations Ma'am from WW2 91 Sqn Veteran
William Cardno
Hilary Carmody
Paul Carmody
Emily Carmody
Penny Carpenter
Jenny Carrington
Peter Carroll
Patrick Carroll Happy Diamond Jubilee Ma'am and congratulations to XH558
Leslie Alfred Carter Ex RAF
Ninian Carter
Maggie Carter
Fred Carter
Richard Alan Carter
Graham Carter MM We are proud to serve you and our country
Linda and Mick Cartwright God bless you Ma'am and long may you reign
Mrs Irene Casey
Mr Richard Casey
Mr Roger Catt
Mr Raymond Caunt
Chris Causton
Wendy Cawthorne
Mark Chaddock
Mr Mark Chaddock
William Burt Chamberlain
Mr and Mrs D K Chamberlain
Roy Chamberlain Thank you for 60 years of dedicated service and guidance
John and Pam Chambers
Mr John Chambers
Valory Chambers
Edward Chandler
John Chaney
Sue Chaney
Joanne Chapman
Avril Chapman
Hilary Chapman-Fisher Congratulations for representing us so well for so long
Ken Chappell, Shipley
ken Chappell of Shipley Wyks Member of the original English Electric Vulcan Team
Martin Chapple
Group Captain G W F Charles
Mrs C Charles-Dunne
Mr John Charlton Best wishes for many years to come
Mr Henry George Frank Charlton Best wishes from Haribo
Anthony R Charman
Lindsay Charman
Mr Lindsay Charman
Ron Charnock
Philip K Charnock
Richard A Chase
Royston Charles Cheater To 2 fantastic ladies XH558 50 years young and our Queen
Professor David Cheeseman
John Chetwynd
Ian Chisholm
Edward Chivers
Cliff Chorley
Professor Moorad Choudhry
Christopher Christian
Ann Clack
Mr Graham J Clare
Kathleen Mary Clare
Robert F Clark
Mr Martin F Clark
Kate Clark
Barrie Clark
Mike and Margaret Clark XH558 and Her Majesty make Britain Great
Robert John Clark
Martin Francis Clark A Diamond reign for a Diamond Queen
Richard Clark
Hilary A Clarke
Christopher Clarke
John T Clarke
Jane E Clarke
Peter Clarke. Prudhoe, Northumberland
Rosemary Setz-Clarke. Prudhoe, Northumberland
Michael Setz-Clarke. Prudhoe, Northumberland
Kirsty Setz-Clarke. Prudhoe, Northumberland
Claire Louise Emmett
Laura Kay Emmett
Anne and Chris Clarke
Dorothy Alison Clarkson
Graham K Clarkson
Richard P Clayton
R C Clayton
Peter E Clear
Therese M Clear
Michael Clegg
Revd Philip J C Clements With heartfelt gratitude and love for 60 years wonderful rule
Bob Clemmence
David C Cletheroe
Mr Roger Cleaves
Chris and Carrie Clough We, your people, salute you for your dedication of 60 years
Lyn Clowes
Wayne Cluitt
Margaret and Alan Coad
Christopher Trevor Coates
Neil Cobb
Alan Cobb
Ron Conn Well done to Your Majesty and to the Team keeping 558 flying
Hazel Cobb
Peter Cobbold I would like to thank Her Majesty for her service to the country
Alison Harnwell
Mark Cobley
Lorie Coffey
Jack Cogman
Jason Cohen Up the Royals
Kanne Colahan
Mrs Elizabeth Colborne
George Cole
David Cole
John  Michael Cole God bless Your Majesty - what a stupendous reign
John R Coleman
Frank Colenso
Steven Coles To sing with heart and voice, God save The Queen!
Stanley Coles May she defend our laws, and ever give us cause!
Ellis Collier
Ann Collier
Clifford Collins
Norman McGregor Collins S.A.C. K8114231 This magnificent aircraft took part in a parade I was in
Martin Collins
Patrick V Collins
Daisy Collins
Sophie Hazel
Henry Collins
Freddie Collins
Harvey Christopher Gerard Collins
Edmund Joseph Collins Thank you
Alex Lake
Oscar Lake
Cassie Collo
Hayden Collo
Barney Lake
Miss Anne Concur Handsome Magnicent XH558 will always stir pride of GB
Anne Concar Well done Mutti
Miss Sheila J Conlon
Andrew W Conn
David Connelly
Katrina Jordan-Connelly
Jack Jordan-Connelly
Bethany Jordan-Connelly
Peter Connett
Ann Connett
Josephine Coogan
Oliver Cook (ex 44 Sqd)
Robert Cook
Christopher R G Cook
Susan Cook
John and Sylvia Cook Proud to have been your subjects for sixty glorious years
Malcolm Cook
Charles W K Cook
Elaine Cooke
Harvey Cooke
Donald Cookson
Don Cookson
Colin Coombes
Alan Coombs
Andrew and Sue Coombe. High Sheriff of S Yorks
Mr John R Cooper
Anthony Keith Cooper
Robert Cooper
Sue Cooper
Mel Cooper
Jennifer Christine Cooper
Thomas Harold Cope
Pamela Cope
Chris Cope
Jamie Cope
Anthony Corbett
Alexander Corbin
David Corbin
Chris Corby
Phil Cornford
Mr and Mrs Cornish Well done
Tony and Judith Coss Congratulations from 2 Elizabethans who will be 60 this year
Cathy Costello
Anne-Marie Couchman
Robert Couchman
Paul Coulten
Paul Coulter
Susan Courtellas
Ian Courts - Solihull
Helen-Victoria Cousins Vulcan - God of Thunder -  Fly - Fly - Fly
Robert Cousins
Brian J Cousins
Alec Coutts
Ines Coutts
Colin Michael Cove Congratulations on Your Majesty's Diamond Jubilee
Brian Cowl
Linda Cowl
Joe Cowley BSc (hons) Ceng MIMechE
James Cownie
Mr James Cownie
John W Cox
Nigel Anthony Cox My family salute you. Thank you for all you do and have done
Dr Brian Cox
Richard A Cox
Jolyon Cox
Wyndham Charles Cragg 1938-2007 late RAF
Ian D Craig 2012, Celebrate The Queen and the Vulcan 60 fantastic years
Steve Crane
Ian Crane
Jean Potter
Mary Hopkinson
Geoffrey Crawley
Mark Criddle
John and Barbara Crisp
Mrs Gillian Croft
Sqn Ldr Roy Croft
Iain James Cromarty
The Crompton Family
Brian Crook Congratulations to a marvelous lady
Dr John W Crooke
Robert Crouden
Julie Crouden
Elizabeth M Crowe
Alan D Crowhurst
Barry and Molly Crowther
Cruickshank, V C
Ann Crump
Ann Crump Congratulations
Ernie Crust
Harry Cubitt Best wishes and Good luck
Janina Cubitt
Mr Barry Cuckow
Richard William Culpeper
John George Cundy I worked on Valiant, Victor and the beautiful superb Vulcan
Robert Cunningham
Sqn Ldr P C Cunnington RAF Ret'd
Gordon Cupper
Kay Cupper
Alexander Cupper
Sofia Cupper
Peter Curtin
Alridge B Curtis
Jeremy and Beryl Curtis
Joan Cutler
Grahma J Cutmore
Mark Dabbs
Dorothy Dadley
Lineda Daheur Congratulations
Stephen Dale
Mr Roy Dalley
Mrs Maureen Dalley
John Dancer
Ken and Freda Dandy
Mr Martin Daniel
Pete Dann
Andrew G Dann
Glenda Dann
Brian T Darke. MBE Loyal greetings from RAFA Luxenbourg
Mike Darlison Congratulations Your magnificent sixty years reign. God bless
Lesley Darvill
Robert Darvill
Sqn Ldr Jules D'Abyn (Rtd)
Albert Davenport
Harry and Angela Davey
Gwyn David
Frances David
James Davies
Mrs Molly Davies
Godfrey S Davies 60 years of loyal service, Thank you
David J Davies (Pontypridd)
Martin Gordon Davies
Roger A Davies
Linda D Davies
Gareth Rhys Davies
Terry and Chris Davies Congratulations Your Majesty and wishing you many more
Averil Davis
Julian Peter Davis
John W Davis
Peter William Davies
Adrian Stuart Davies
Donald Davis Congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen on 60 glorious years
Graham Davis
Peter William Davis
Adrian Stuart Davis
Gp Capt Nigel Davis BSc FRAeS FRIN FCMI
Mrs Helene Davis
Stephanie Davis MA (Hons)
Mrs Patricia May Davis
Leonard Day
Roger Anthony Day
Alan George Day Past memories experienced again
Lyndon Day Uncle Clive wa at a Vulcan station when on National Service
Isobel Evelyn Day
Jack Daybell
John de Trafford
Denis Deacon Long may you continue to reign
Mark and Cathy Deal
Miss Hayley Dean Bulldog spirit Ma'am
Tony Deane
Frazer James Deane
Harry James Deane
Jane Deane
The Deaville Family
Helmut Decker
Mr N Deeth, East Yorkshire
Mr Nigel Deeth
Mrs P Deeth, East Yorkshire
Oliver and Ros Delany
Emma Delmont - Shell
Saxon F Denning
Paul Dennis
Ms Katie J Densham
Wewage A M Dep Congratulations in salute to Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee
Margaret Derrick
Alan Desbois
John Dewis
John Paul Dewsnap
Margaret Dexter Keep flying for Britain
Gerald and Jeanne Diamond
Rudnei Dias da Cunha
Mr F A Dibley A great service to the nation Your Majesty
Damian Camm
Raymond Dickinson
Frank Dickson Proud to have served. Ubique. Royal Engineers
Mr Peter Trevor Didier ' Serre
Group Captain John Digman OBE DFC RAF
Group Captain John Digman OBE DFC
Mr Paul Dillien
Sue Dimbleby
Mr David Dimock
Paul Dingwell
L C Dinneen
Thomas Dixon
Dr and Mrs Mark A E Nixon Rule Britannia!
John B Dixon Well done Your Majesty from your loyal subject
Mr Barry Dixon
John B Dixon Long life to Your wonderful Majesty from this 93 year old
Jeremy D'Lemos
Harold Dobbin
Paul Dobner ( Slough) I think you've been a wonderful Queen to my country Ma'am
Stephen and Marie Dobson
Mr Robert S Dobson
Jean Dobson
Mr Robert S Dodson
Peter Docherty
Chantaluk Dodd
Mrs Margaret Dodd
Mrs Joyce Dodd Such great memories of my husband flying the early Vulcans
Mr Alan G Dodgson
Alan G Dodgson
Mrs Jean Dodgson
Adrian Doe
Elizabeth Doig
John Doig
Stanley J Dolby
Tracy-Ann Domminney
Peter Donaldson
Marion Donaldson
Suzanne Doncaster
Robert Doncaster
Mrs Daphne Donnelly
John Donnelly
Sean Donnelly. Robbie and Charlie Great aircraft, Great Queen, Great Britain
V J E Doonan
Michael H Doran Congratulations, best wishes. Thank you
Graham Dorrington In memory of Flt Lt B Dorrington Vulcan Captain 34 Sqn 62-71
Mrs Ann Dow
Margaret Dow
James Dowdell
Tim Dowling
Sheila Dowling
Jeanette Neale
Ann Down Congratulations Ma'am, long may you reign
J Downsborough
S Downsborough
Ben Dracup CA Crowning achievement for Her Majesty and Vulcan to the Sky
Frank Draper
Raymond Drew
Mrs Eleanor Drew
Sally Drew Our Queen and AVRO Vulcan, 2 Diamonds celebrating 60 yrs service
Paul Drew
Nicole Drew
Georgina Drew
Isadora Drew
Christopher Drew
Lisa Drew
Rob Drew
Aidan Drew
Mark Harman
Sarah Harman
James Harman
Emily Harman
Alex Craig
Oliver Huxley Craig
Tom Driver
Sqn Ldr (Ret'd) Peter Drummond-Hay
Joe D'Souza Majestic in flight, triumphant in her reign
Mr Peter Duff
Simon and Greta Duff
Simon Duff Engineering Ltd
Michael P Duffy
IMO Paul Duffy
IMO Terry Duffy
Charlotte Jackson-Duffy
Clare Frances Woodthorpe
Mr Thomas E Duncan
Ian W Duncan
David Dunlop
Geoffrey Dunn
Gordon Dunn
Terry J Dunnell
Victor Eric Dunning
Mich Dwyer
Antony Charles Dyson
Mrs Anne  Dyster
H E Eales
Laurance W Easdale To the most Fabulous Vulcan
Peter J East O'ver Her thine wings extend, for Britain's sake defend HM Queen
Susan Eastty
Sqn Ldr K C Eaton RAF (Ret'd) J P
Andrew Ebdon
Alan Eccles She flies
Roy and Brigid Eddy
F/O Ronald V Eden 1934-46
Patricia A Edge Your Majest - God bless you
Arthur R Edge Your Majesty - May you long reign over us
Norman Edmondson
Carole and Andrew Edmondson Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee. Q8189635 RAF (Ret'd)
Anthony George Edwards
Pauline Edwards
Joanne Edwards
Alan Weller. 1950's Vulcan Technician
Neal Edwards. Grantham, Linc's
Mr Roger and Mrs Enid Edwards. Grantham
Aaron Lydon
Paul Elliott
P J B Elliott MBE
Mark Robert Ellis
Barney Elsden B.E.M. You have reached for the skies and triumphed gloriously
Michael J G Elsey
Sqn Ldr P Ely RAF Ret'd Long may she reign and long may she fly
Flt Off S Ely PMRAFNS Ret'd
V P England
Richard Ernill
Peter Malcolm Essling
Roy Evans, Hall Green, Birmingham
Simon Evans
Roger Evans
Michael N. Evans Thank you for your dedication over so many years
Mr John D Evans
Kathleen Evans, Waltham, Grimsby
Bill Evans
Stephanie and Jim Evans
Paula and Lee Evans
Ron Everson
Peter Ewer Please keep up your good work and thank you for past 60 years
Mr Paul Ewing
Paul Ewing
David Eyre
John Falk Also 60 years of the Avro Vulcan, first flown by Roly Falk
Jean Faloon
Mary R Fawcett
Keith Fawcett
Lt Pierangelo Faraoni The Queen, God bless her
Anthony C Farley
Cliff Farr
Mrs Joan Farr
Miss R Farrand
Mr Nigel Farrar
Martin Farrington
David Dennis Farron
Alan C Faupel
Sarah, Ian and Zoe Favell Warmest congratulations
Alfred W W Fawcett
Reg Fearn
Mrs June Feast
Cindy Felce
Mr and Mrs Frederick Fell
Jean Kerr Fell
Frederick William Fell
Penny Fennon Pure Britishness
Denis Fenton
Mike Fereday
John Ferguson Delighted such a great aircraft still flies
Oliver Ferguson
John Clement Ferrall
Steven R Field
Anne Field
Roy Fields
Mr Paul Barrie Figes Very proud to have served Queen and Country for a long time
Janet Findlay Best wishes for the future. May you continue to reign
Mrs Joan Finter
Keith Finter
Colin Frederick Fisher
Peter Fisher
Gillian Fisk
Susanne Fitz
Michael Flaherty
Jane Fleming
Michael Fleming
Barbara Fletcher Congratulations on celebrating your Diamond Jubilee
Mr John Edward Fletcher
John Stuart Fletcher. Yew Tree, Slaithwaite
Mark Fletcher
Geoffrey Fletcher
Peggy Flinton
Henry Flinton
Mr John Flower
Mike Flude
Angie Flude
W J Foot (Footie) 575 Sqn Your obedient servant Your Majesty
Matthew Ford
Michael Eric Foreman
Sinead Foreman / Wright
Jennifer Elizabeth Foreman
Harry Anthony Foreman
Susie Forrest
Janet Forster
Iain Foster
Keith Foster
Ian Fothergill
Jon Fowler
Geraldine Foy
Christopher Foyle
Christopher  Foyle
Viv Francis and Family
Melvyn and Rita Franklin
David Martin Frazer
Brian Frear Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Lt Cdr Miles Freeman
Malcolm Freestone
Mary Freestone
Carol Yvonne French
Alan Frener and Tate Mayoh Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Colin Freshney
Mark Freshney Thank you Your Majesty for 60 years of impeccable service
Mr Colin Freshney
David Fricker
James Frisby
Cortonwood Children's Centre Congratulations from all of the Children, Parents and Staff
Jake and Max Frost Congratulations Your Majesty on 60 glorious years
Sqn Ldr Colin Froude RAF Ret'd
Sqn Ldr H Froude PMRAFNS Ret'd
Carmine Fruncillo
Bernard Fry Memories. Coronation at sea. Vulcan rolling SBAC 1958
Jonathan Fryatt
Mr Johnathan Fryatt
Rita Fryatt
Mr John Fryer
Mr Dave Barrett
John and Susan Fryer
Roy Fuller
Kenneth Furhiss RAF
Sqn Ldr Mike Furness & Mrs Mai Furness Congratulations and may you reign for many years to come
Keith Furniss Ex W O FAA RN It has been an honour to serve both your and my country
Andrew Gadeke
Ron Gafney LRPS Congratulations on your diamond jubilee
Michael Gale Per ardua ad astra
Mr John T Galloway
Mark Gamble
Wg Cdr Roy W Gamblin AFC I salute the Vulcan, it out-turned my Hunter at high altitude
Flt Lt D G Gamblin RAFVR (T) Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Dr Julian N Gannaway
Dr Julian Gannaway
Paul Antony Garbutt
Mike, Jacq, Innes and Freya Gardener The Gardener family salute Her Majesty on the iconic Vulcan
Stephen Phillip Gardener
Philip Graham Gardiner
Alison S Lee-Cooper In memory of FLt Lt B E Lee-Cooper, 4180577 Nav Radar 35 Sqn
Lt Col Bob Gardner OC 47 AD Squadron RCT During OP Corporate
Tim de Breffe Gardner
Frank Gardner
Celia Gardner
Jason Gardner
Stephen Gardner
Gordon E Garland
David Garrett
Arnold A Garside
Mr Geoffrey Garsted
Mrs Rita I Garton
Lynda Garwood
John Gates from Cambridge
Mr and Mrs M Gausden
Alice Gem
Master Leo Dorkacz Taylor
Mr Gregory Gentle
Mrs Suzanne Gentle
Mr James Dorkacz
Miss Jennifer Midwinter
Christopher Midwinter
Mr Josh Hamilton
Rab Gerrlei
David Ghost
Mike Gibbons Fly you beauty, Fly
Geoffrey Gibson Ex RAF 617 Sqn
Geoff (not Guy) Gibson 617 Sqd Scampton 1958 Guard of Honour Lincoln Cathedral to receive Colours
John B Gilchrist
David Giles A Diamond salute to a unique monach and a unique aircraft
Ms Irene A Giles
Dr David Jones
Joanne Gilfillan
Eric James Gill
In honour of Evelyn Frances Gill
In honour of James Andrew Gill
Mike and Pat Gillard
Lynne Frances Gillett
Andrew Gillett
Derrick Ginns
Ralph Gissing
Vernon Lyle Gittins
K. F. & J. Glass
Ian Glasse and Family A 60 year salute to our Queen and the Queen of the skies
Richard Glenister Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee year
Rodney E Glew
John E Glew
Judith Mary Glover
Rosemary Ann Glover
Air Commodore Harry Glover OBE
Michael Goacher Congratulations on 60 glorious years
Mark Godbeer
Capt Graham Goddard
Petersfield Ex-Tablers Club Petersfield Ex-Tablers Salute Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee
Carole Moray Goldie
Jon Goldsmith
Bob and Sus Goldthorpe Diamond and Triangle, eternal marks that enrich our history
Karen Gomerson
Timothy Good Long may she reign
Stuart Goodall BEM
Alex Gooderham
Roger Gooderidge
R E Goodeve
Richard Goodhead
Trevor Gooding
Terry Gooding
North Wilts Model Engineering Society
Joan Mary Goodman
Joyce Edna Moore
Mr Peter Goodwin
Prof Mike Goodyer
A. B. Gordon
Commander Andrew Gordon-Lennox RN
Jacqui Goring
John T Gorner
Jean and Chris Gorringe Congratulations to both Queen Elizabeth and the Vulcan
Patricia Gosling
Lee Gosling
Suzanne Winning
Dennis Gosling
Margaret Goudge
Mike Gough
Colin and Margaret Rose Goulden
Donald Goulding
Alan Goussaert
Lewis Donald Burke Gow
Rupert Gower
Ms Jennifer Gradidge
Stuart D Graham
Cdr C R Graham RN (Ret'd)
Nigel Grainger
G W Grainger
Mrs Ann Crawford
Don Grant
Michael John Grant
Adrian Grant With gratitude and admiration for two icons of Great Britain
Roger and Kim Jepson Thank you for sixty wonderful years Your Majesty
Mrs Linda Graves
Graves J. H.
'Charlie' Gravett Long live Queen Elizabeth II and Vulcan Queen of the skies
Roger and Val Gray (Osgodby, N Yorkshire)
Michael Grayburn Thank you
John Edward Grayson
Rob Greasley
Mark Paul Greatbatch
Jennifer Louise Greatbatch
Mrs Joyce Greathead
Kevin Greathurst
Mary Joan Grech
Susan and Ian Green
Bob Green of Rugby
Jonathan Rowles
Jean E Green
Brian Green
Walter John Green
George Woodrow Green Two things that make Britain Great, Your Majesty and the Vulcan
John C Green. (RCAR-R) Flt Lt
(CPO (OPS) (S) P J Green RN Wishing Her Majesty happiness in her Diamond Jubilee year
Alma and Tom Greenaway
Mr Brian Greenstreet
Garry C Greenstreet
Frances Greenwell
Greg Finney
Ms S Greenwood
Barry Greenwood Congratulations and thanks for 60 years exceptional service
Mr Roger Greenwood
Peter Greer I also dedicate this icon to my grandaughter Erin GreerMartin
Mr David Gregory
S M Gregory
Heidi Louise and Mitchell Marie A truly majestic achievement God bless you both
Clive Gregory
Stan Gregory
Yvonne Gregory
Jason Edward Gregory
Colette Amanda Yvonne Vaughan
Norman Gregory
In memory ofAlan Gregson
Robert Griffin
Penny Griffin
Mr Dennis Griffin
John Griffith
Lt Col Roy P Griffiths
24598094 Guardsman M W Griffiths. Welshguards Stephanie Elliot Skye Chelsea Brandon Codie God save the Queen
David Griggs
Mr and Mrs D A T Grimmett
Julie Grint
Dr Timothy Grout (OBE)
Christine Groves
Roger Guest
Laurence and Jane Gulliford Congratulations on 60 glorious years
Kevin Stuart Gummer
Reece and Alicia Dexter
Angela Gurnell
Carol Gurney Congratulations on 60 glorious years of reign
Michael Gutsell
John A Guy
Laura Hackett
David Philip Haddock Long may she keep on howling
Professor Mark Hadfield
Mr Roger Hadlow
Roger G Haffenden A wonderful, wonderful Queen. Wish you many more years!
Russ, Nat, Ellie and Martha Haines Congratulations on 60 years from the Haines Family!
Ian Haldend Flt Lt RAF (Ret'd) Always impressed by the scamble at RAF Wyton
David Robert Hale
Doug Hales and Vulcan Crew Chiefs Register Your Majesty, long may you reign, the Vulcan and our Ladies
Joan Haley
Gerald Halfacree
Mr Anthony R Hall
Linda Wash
Philip L Hall
Bernard and June Hall
Peter W Hall RAF 1955-63 We thank God for your long and great reign, and salute you
Stanley Charles Hall
Eric Hall
Iris Hall
Ken Hall. Cowford, Sussex
Gordon Hallam
Kathleen M Hallett
Imogen Halsey
Colin W Ham
Arthur Hames
William Hamilton
The Molenator
Roderick H Hammerton
Mr and Mrs Andrew + Janet Hammond
Melvyn Hammond Hope to see you grace the skies in 2012, a fantastic sight
Terry Hammond For my Dad RAF 1936-46 and my daughter Stephanie
Ken Hampton
Mr Peter Hampton
Charles Hampton Please continue your good work
Charles Hancock
Mr William Hancock
Michael Hancocks With grateful thanks and best wishes from a loyal subject
Elizabeth Handforth Thank you for 60 glorious years of duty and service
Gordon Handley
Squadron Leader David and Mrs Hayward. Ret'd
Richard and JosieHann Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Roderic Hannah
Marian and David Hannam
Cathy Hannam
Renee and Peter Hanson
Graham Hanson
Mark & Sarah Hanson
Mark Hanson
Pauline Harding
Michael Harding
Rex Harding. Bristol
Paul Hardy Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Alan and Lesley Haresign
Sabine Hargreaves Happy anniversary. You are keeping British tradition alive
Tim and Carolyn Harland
Thomas Harland
Matthew Thomas Harland
Mr Chris Harmer A living symbol of past British engineering achievements
Robert Harness
John Harnwell
Vicky Harper
Squadron Leader John Harper DFC Ret'd
Peter & Pam Harries
Anthony F W Harris
Andrew M Harris
Ronald G Harris In tribute to Her Majesty The Queen and The Royal Air Force
Ernest John Harris
J K AND K Harris
Brian and Sandy Harris, Isle of Wight Thanks to Your Majesty and the Vulcan for 60 years' service
Norman Harris - St Malo, France
Ronald Frank Evans Born in 1952 and joining Her Majesty in celebrating 60 years
David A Harrison I remember the proto type Vulcans flying over RAF Odiham 1952
Jim Harrison
Mr Callum Morris Thomas Harrison Thank you for keeping us safe and long live CH558 and BBMF
Harrison. David Peter Your Majesty, as an ex-Royal Navy Petty Officer I Salute you
Ex SAC Ian P Harrison. K8126042 1976-1985
Gordon L Harrold
Margaret Harrop
Edward Hart
Gwen Hartfield
Alan and Rosa Hartland
Margaret Hartley
Geoffrey Hartridge A diamond geezer plane for a Diamond Queen!
Leslie Hartwell
Mark Harvey
Ron Harvey
Roger Harvey
Grace Kathleen Mary Oliver
Julia Harwood
Laura Hastie
Moira Hastie
Miss L Hastie
Ronald Hastie
Lindsay Hatch
Mrs Jose Hatch nee Taylor Saluting the happy days with Laurie and our friends. RAF Wilmslow
Winston Hathaway
Douglas and Madge Hathaway
Anne and Dod Haughan
Christian Haw
Darren Hawkes
Tony Hawkins and Wendy Hawkins GL6
Raymond Haworth
Mark Howarth
Barbara Hayes
Bruce H Hayes
David Hayes
Pamela Hayes
Andrew Hayes
Nicola Hayes
Peter Hayes Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee Your Majesty
Katy Haskell Best wishes for your Diamond Jubilee from Grandpa and me
Roger Haynes
Keith Hayward RVM
Roy Francis Hayward
Brian and Val Hayward Your commitment and integrity are a beacon to all Your Majesty
Julie Hazelwood
David Hazelwood
Dawn Hazle Congratulations to Her Majesty and the majestic Delta Lady
Dave Heard QM RFA Rescourse 82
Dave Heathcote
Julian and Sandra Heather Long may Her Majesty continue to reign
June Hebditch
Robert Hebditch
Peter Clarke
Geoff Kavanagh
Ian Hedgman
Shari A G Hellyer
Helen Helm
Alan Helm
John Angus Henderson Long may they reign
Colin Henderson Fate made us British, Endeavor made us Great
Jo Henderson - Tchertoff Thank you for all you have done
James Henderson
Chris and Barbara Henley Congratulations Ma'am, and thank you
Robert John Henshaw
Captain Roger Henson
Cynthia Henson
Dan Henson
Mrs Yvonne Hepburn
John Hepple
Caroline Hepple
Laure Hepple
James Hepple
Tony and Kath Heptinstall and Family Congratulations and best wishes
Mr R H Hepworth MBE
Stephen Frank Herbert Marking 60 years of brilliance - warmest congratulations
Anthony, Julie, Isobel and Jamie Hereford Thank you for being at the helm for the last sixty years
Herkes, Keith and Rita Congratulations. You make Britain GREAT
Terry Herrington
John Hesbrook
RAFA Costa Blanca Branch 1359 Thank you Your Majesty
RAFA Costa Blanca Branch. 1359
Dennis Hewitt Congratulations Your Majesty
Julie D Hewitt
Olive Hextall
Simon Heys
Group Captain Denys Heywood (Dcd) Commanded 617 Squadron 1965-1967
Ex Flt Sgt Eric William Hibbins
Stephen Hibbins
Clive Hicks
Mr Robin Henry Oliver Sydney Hicks To Her Majesty Queen Alexandra Mary Anne Windsor and Family
Anthony Hicks
John Kenneth Higgins
Warrant Officer Wm V Higgins Ret'd BEM
Maureen Higgins
Tony Abrams
Stephen Higgs
Kathleen Mary Highfield A truly dedicated Diamond Queen
Ollie Higton
Hayley Higton
Sam Higton
Ian Higton
Edna Hilditch To a much loved Queen, congratulations on your Golden Jubilee
David Hildreth
Roger Hilfiker. Swiss Vulcan Fan
Daniel Hill
Mrs Cynthia Hill
Dr Alan M Hill
Michael D Hill
Norman and Pauline Hill
Christopher Hill
Vicki Hirst (1983-2012) 'Love keeps you in the air when you ought to fall down'
David C Hilton It was an honour to serve you for thirty three years
Derek Hilton Thank you for the great contribution you have made
John Hincliffe
Malcolm Hinderson
RAFA Wigston Branch 1254 Leic's Congratulations to our Patron on your Diamond Jubilee
Mr K Hird Ex RAF
Patrick Hirst
Alec Hitchell-Jones MRAeS
Eric W Hitchin Long may you reign
Janet Parker In remembrance of my father, David Pears Parker
Barry Hoad
Mrs Ivy May Hobbs
Colin Hobbs
Rebecca Hobbs
Alexander Hobbs
Hobden. John Bennett
Graham G Hobson
Mary Hobson
Gillian Hodge nee Braithwaite
Donald Hodkinson To the most treasured lady in our country.  God bless her.
David J Hodkinson Thank you Ma'am for being you. God bless
Ann Hodkinson
Bill Hogg
Margaret Holcombe
Janice Holland
Victor Holland
Mr J P Holland
David Geoffrey Holland
Mrs Elsie M Holland
J and T Holland
Mike Holland Ma'am you're an inspiration to us all
Anthony Hollingshead
Emilia Barreto
Eduardo Barreto
Elliot Archibald
Thomas Archibald
Mr James Holman
Matthew Holmes
Sienna Holmes
Trevor and Maureen Holmes 60 wonderful years, long may they reign
Bryan E Holmes
Derek Holmes
Michael Holmes
Stephen L Holmes Britain at its best
A F Holmes
Mr Rod & Sally Holmes
Rod Holmes The Spirits of Great Britain. 2 truly inspirational ladies
Alan Holt
Brian Homans
Ian and Debbie Homer Congratulations to two remarkable British ladies
Rowland Marris
John Hooper
Andrew Hopes
Mr Andrew Hopes
Stella Hopkins
M J Hopkins
Captain (Ret'd) A C Hopkins Welsh Guards With warmest wishes on this special occasion
Caroline Hopper
Daniel Hopper
Vincent Hopper
Mrs E Hopper
Stuart Hopwood Congratulations Your Majesty for 60 years and to many more
Bernard Horn Congratulations You are inspirational
Trevor I Horne
Matt Horne
Barry Horsfield
Cyril Horsford CVO
Liz Horsley
Mr J Horton
John Hoskisson
Mr Neil Hotchin
Steven John Hoult
Susan and  Steve Howard
Wally Howard
Karen Howard
Paul, George, Haydn and Joe Ackerley
Martin Howard
Linda Howarth
Mr John Howe
Mrs Margaret Howell
Mr Roland A Howell
Snowy Howell
2019699 LACW Burnard 1942-1945 (18-21) A long war a lot of lives lost but heres to the future peace
Michael Mark John Martin Happy 70th birthday to a special husband, Dad and Grandad
Michael Hudson
Nan MacGregor Hughes
Trevor John Hughes
Howard Hughes
John Hughes
Dorren M Hughes
Ian Spike and Brigid Best wishes Ma'am Smile, Ian and Brigid
Alan Hulme
Karen Hulme
Anna Hulme
Adam Hulme
Sylvia Hume
Frank Hummell
Bill Humphreys
Vera A Humphreys
Bryan (Taff) Humphreys Best wishes and Good luck
Keith Humphreys To our wonderful Queen, God bless, wishing you all the best
Nigel S Humphries
Mr  J W E Humphries
Sharon Humphreys
Mr K Hunt
Mrs Susan Hunt
James J Hunter
Michael Hunter
Steve Hurst
David Hurst
Jonathan Hutchinson
Mrs Christine Hutchinson
Mr DarylHutchinson
Mrs Eileen Turner
Mr David Hutt
Keith H Hyatt
Robert Peter Hylands
Tony Ibell
Peter Iddenden A memorable year for Her Majesty and the Vulcan
Pip Iles
Ilene Iles
Pip Iles Thank you Your Majesty for always being there for us
Paul and Alison Ingham 60 years of selfless service; truly inspiring! Thank you
Mr Brian Insley
Kenneth P. Ireland
Mr G. T. and Mrs A. Ireland You are an inspiration to us.  Long may you reign.
Mrs A Ireland
Roger Irish Spirit of Great Britain - Her Majesty's Diamond in the Sky
J J N A Ironside
Richard Irwin
Mr Frank Isaac
George Isherwood
Frank Issac
Henry Ives
Mr Mark T H Iveson
Johnny Izzard
Christopher David Jack A tribute from a great British aircraft
Anita Jack
Mr Adrian Jackaman
Peter J Jackson
Brian Jackson and The Guys With our very best wishes LDG writer RN HMS Chequers 1957
Martin J Jackson
Jill M Jackson
In memore of my father, Ronald Jackson
Mrs Emma Jackson
Andrew R D Jackson MBE & Mrs H Hallett
Susan Jackson
Robert H Jackson
Isabel S Jackson
J B Jackson
Sylvia Jacobs
Ronald Jacobs OBE
Warren Jacques
David Laurence Jagger
P A E James MBE Congratulations on your 60 years
Marion James
William James
Stuart James
Susan James
Vale Vass
Mr E. K. Jameson
Ann Jarrold
Olive Jarrold
Eric Jarrold
Rupert Jarron A tribute to my Dad who flew these amazing beasts on anger!
N E Jarvis
Mr N E Jarvis
Alan A Javens Enjoy your well deserved 60 glorious years celebration
Dennis Javes
Eric Jeal
Jeremy Jedrzejewski
Timothy S A Jee
Robert A Jeeves
Ex WAAF M. Jeffrey
Norma Jeffery
Gwyneth A Jeffries
Larry Jenkins
Peter Jenkins Keep the flag flying
Sheila Jennings
Cyril L Jennings Ex RAF Nav B
Tony Jennings
Stephen Jepson
Margaret Ann Johns
Mrs Marion Johns
Alan Johnson
Philip Roy Johnson
Alan F Johnson
David F Johnson
Stephen Alan Johnson In memory of a great husband and Dad, who loved the Vulcan
Mrs Kathleen M Johnson
Dorothy Johnson
Dennis C Johnson Congratulations Your Majesty on your Diamond Jubilee
Fred Johnson
Alan and Cath Johnson In memory of the late Fred Frisby
Trevor A Johnson. Queens Scout 60 years service,  recognised and respected. Loyal greetings
Michael Johnson
Christine Johnson
The Johnson Family - Fareham Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee Your Majesty
Brian Johnson 60 years of duty and you have never let us down - ever
Sue Johnston
Frank Johnston
Keith Johnston
Anthony Johnstone
Wg Cdr Frank Jolliffe
Phil Jones
Alan Rees Jones
Brian R Jones
Penny Jones
John Patrick Davey
Beverley Gail Jones
Kevin Jones
Myra Jones
Keith D Jones
Ian Jones Long may you reign
Alastair Jones Long may you reign
Andy Jones Long may you reign
Sqn Ldr Neville Jones
Vanessa Jones
Dr Chris Jones
Judith Jones
David Jones Best wishes on your Diamond Jubilee from David and Mrs Jones
Sam Clarke My grandad worked on XH558 when in the RAF at Waddington
Brian Jones
Dave I Jones
Graham Jones Congratulations on your sterling service
Andrew S Jones
Ernie Jones
Linda M Jones
Lynn Susan Jones Thank you for your commitment and the hard work you have shown
Noel Jones. 102nd Entry RAF Halton
Brian and Connie Jordan
Mr C A Jordan Esq JP MBACP Congratulations from a proud Fleet Air Arm Veteran
Brian Jordan
Melanie Josling Happy Diamond Jubilee
Franck Jourdain
Christopher Leslie Jubb
Katherine Louise Jubb
Lesley Christine Wicks/Jubb
Adrian Roger Gavin Judge Our Queen Elizabeth of England, our King of the Sky The Vulcan
John B Kaufman
Mr Kenneth Kay  LAC 395 RAF
Jean Lesley Kaye
Christopher David Keable
Harry Lovell
Richard Keech
Andrew Keech
Zander Keech
Geoffrey Keeley
R W Keen
Frazer Keen Congratulations on 60 years
Mr Norman C Keer Heartfelt congratulations for your sixty glorious years reign
David M (Ned) Kelley Many congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee. Per Ardua
John Frances
John Henry Kelly
Richard Kelsall I want my grandchildren to be able to see this magnificent plane
Gordon Kelsey
Fergus W Kemp
Victoria A Taylor In memory of my father, Flight Sgt George A West RAF (Retired)
Margaret and George Kempen We wish you a happy and glorious day
Brian Kendall
Sqn Ldr Ken Kendrick RAF Ret'd
Robert Kennedy
Susan Kennett (nee Davies) All good wishes to Your Majesty and to the Vulcan in 2012
Michael Kent
John Kenyon. Founder Chair BAPC XH558 is part of our aviation heritage, do keep her flying
Valerie Ann Kerner
Robert Keyworth
Mrs Susan Keyworth
Stephen Kiefer
Colin M Killick
Roger Kinbell
Barrie King
Bernard Roy King
Len King
Carole King
Mr & Mrs John D King
Mr Anthony King
Brian A King
Neil King
Peter King
Ian and Natalie King Thank you for your love and devotion to us all
Richard King and Family from Surrey Heartfelt Thanks and Congratulations
Simon, Vayla and Lyra King
Kenneth H King
David John Kingdom
Bob Kingsland
Roger G Kirby
Heather Kirk
Charles Kirk
Susan Kirk
Mr & Mrs Christopher D and Janet Seymour Kirk
Prof Colin Kirk
Lyn Kirk
Mike Kirkham
Mr Ian Kirkham
Peter Kirkland A great plane which I first saw ar Biggin Hill in the 60's
Geoff Kirkland
Mike Kitchin and Family
Louise Kiteley
Mrs Linda Kitto
Dorothy and Charles Kitto You are the Jewel in the Crown, long may you reign over us
Brian E P Kneen RAF Chief / tech RAF El-Adem Tass flight 1957-1960 Libya
Molnlycke Health Care
Paul Frederick Knight
Mr Robert Knight of Dartmouth
Mr Edward Knightley Congratulations, long may you reign, and the Vulcan fly
Mrs Lilian Knightley
Gordon Knowles
Steven Knowles
Barrie Knowles
Jill Knowles
Mathew George Koshy Congratulations and Well done Your Majesty
Alan John Kruger
Mrs Heather Kynman
Graham Lacey
Mr Graham Lacey
Peter Henry Ladkin
Sqn Ldr & Mrs A M Laidlay
Mr & Mrs A M Laidlay
B P Laight
Mary Laird
Ernest F J Lamb
David and Rosemary Lamb. Boston, Linc'S
Mrs Joan Lambert
Alan J Lambourn
Elaine Lamdin Always remember to celebrate the 'Great' in Great Britain
Joanna Lampard
Ron Lancaster
Mr Simon Richard Lane Thank you for making me proud to be British
Neil Michael Lane
Mr Clive Lane
The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School
Reginald A Lang. Ex WO RAF 1952-1989
Ronald Lang Thank you for your love and devotion to us all
Martyn Lang
Flt Lt Roger Langford RAF Ret'd
T Langford for James W M Wilson
Ian Langlois
Stan Langman
Richard Last
Ian Laurie Your loyal subjects salute you
Margaret Laurie Your loyal subjects salute you
Christopher Laver
Shirley Laver
Albert Law
Marjorie Law
David and Hazel Lawrance Congratulations to HM Queen Elizabeth 2nd The best Queen ever
Raymond H Lawrence
Colin Lawrence
Diana Lawrence
Brenda Lawrence Congratulations to our wonderful Queen for 60 years service
Andy Lawrence Diamond Jubilee - 60 years service for 2 much loved gems
Mr Brian Lawrence
Mrs Anne Lawrence
Sylvia Ann Lawrence-Holden
Kevin Lawry 44 Sqn
Bob Lawson
Mr Howard Lawson
Graham 'Madteal'  Lawton
Audrey A M Leach
Shirley Leach
Trevor Leach
David and Hilary Leake
Peter Richard Lear
Tom Lee
Allan Joesph Lee Britain ruled the waves but you rules our hearts Ma'am.GBY
Mr Alfred Norman Lee Keep on flying you graceful old lady, again and again
Martina Charlotte Lee Many congratulations on 60 marvellous years
Andrew Robert Lee
Lynda Leek
Vincent Charles Leek
David Lee-Williams. Vulcan Volunteer
Mary Legard
Lieutenant Commander Adrian Legge
William Leishman
George Leith
Lilian M Leith
Gwyn Edwards
Andrew Edwards
Mr Michael Lenihan
Steve Leonard
Brian Leversham From the Queen of the skies to the Queen of the land
John Lewendon
Gordon John  Lewis
Mr Eric Lewis
Warunee and Brian Lewis 60 years. A great achievement for Her Majesty and XH558
Tim Lewis Always loved Vulcans and delighted to help keep one alive!
John T R Lewis
Douglas Lewis RFA Ret'd
John A Ligertwood
Mr Roy Liles
Roy D Liles
David Lilley
Les Lindop of Winterbourne, Bristol
Margaret L Lindop
Brian Lingard
Rosemarie Link
Brian Colin Litherland MBE
Mr Peter Little
Frances Ann Little
Brian Little
Lindsay Littlewood
Mr Richard Littlewood
Billie Lyne
Anthony Wood
April Lyne
Edith Mary Llewell From one lady to another
Ross Llewellyn
Mr Eric Lloyd
Sqn Ldr Steve Lloyd
Graham Lloyd Part of our history
Peter David Lloyd
Brian W Lloyd
Stephen A C Lloyd
Eric Lloyd
William Loakes
Lilly Kuthan
Jon Lock
Geoffrey L E Locke and Josephine M Locke Liberty throughout the land shall be a Jubilee. Leviticus 25
Mrs Doreen L Lockyer
Pauline Lodge
Mrs Pauline Lodge
Kathleen and Cullen Loftus
Richard, Ingrid, Andrew, Verity and Robert Long God bless and thank you
Mrs Jill Barrington
Mr Richard Barrington
Mr John Marriott
Mrs Julie Marriott
Mrs Denise Bailey
Mr Vernon Panter
Mrs Jean Panter
Mr John E Longhurst
Mr Jon M Longhurst
Miss Alarna Loak
Mr Victor Longhurst
Mrs Pat Longhurst
Mr Martin McGread
Mrs Erica McGread
Mr Sen Nolan
Mrs Anita Nolan
Mr Paul Longhurst
Miss Daisy Longhurst
Miss Kerry Anne McKay
Mr Graham Friskin
Mrs Leonora Friskin
Mrs Sue Bailey
Mr Tony Lloyd
Mrs Rosalind Lloyd
Mrs June Prendergrast
Mr Barry Bright
Miss Rachel Begg
Mrs Judith Longley
Captain Alan James Longstaffe It was an honour to serve on the BOAC crew that flew you to Canada in 1964
Kim Lindley
Stuart Lonsdale
T J Lorriman Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work
Simon J Lovatt
Mr Brian Lovell
Brian Lovell
Richard H Loveys Congratulations and very best wishes
Graham H Lowe
Brian Lowen
Mr Stephen M Lucas
Patricia Ruth Luker
John R Lupton
John Lupton ISO
Roy Peter Lusted
Peter Luxton
Margaret Isobel Luxton
Sqn Ldr Graeme Lyall CO 602 Sqn
Pippa Macallister
Avril and Malcolm MacArthur Very special North Norfolk Congratulations to Your Majesty!
Capt Ron MacDonald
Donald M MacDonald
Ted Macefield Ex RAF Suez Canal 54 Ex RAF Levies Iraq 55
Ken Macey
Mr John  Mackenzie
Mr John Mackenzie
Mrs Wendy Mackenzie
Don Mackenzie
Lord Mackenzie of Culkein
Donald Mackinnon
Ian MacPherson
Edgar W J Maeer
Bryan H R Mahoney of Plymouth, Devon Sincere congratulations on your magnificent reign
Miss C Maidment Congratulations on reaching your Diamond Jubilee
Robert A Maiellaro Congratulations from a US former ex-pat resident of England
William G Mair 40 years since I first saw a Vulcan fly. Keep it going
Wing Commander P C A Major
Helen Major
Jake Robert Major Congratulations. Still flying high after 60 years
Susan Maling nee Hill Thank you for 60 wonderful years
Terry Mallaband A Great British achievement!
Barrie Malpas
Mrs D Manahan
Les Mangan
Derek Leslie Russell
Michael John Mansfield Congratulations, A fitting tribute from an iconic aircraft
Mr John Andrew Manson
Mr John Mantell
Tim Margrove
Josephine Markham
Michelle Marple
Mrs Joan Marsden
Susan Marsh
Reg Marsh
Wg Cdr M J Marsh OBE RAF (Retired)
Ann Marsh
Eric Marshall
Keith Marshall
Squadron Leader Dominic Marshall. RAF Iconic and inspiring
Ian Marshall Fond memories of operational V Force at RAF Akrotiri 1963
Howard Martin
Ted Rios
Keith Martin
Brian Martin
Ciaran Martin
Mrs Shirley Martin
David and Barbara Martin With our gratitude
David Martins
Sqn Ldr Phillip "Happy" Adams Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee Ma'am
Masafumi Moritake
Jeffrey, Jane, William and Alice Maskell Congratulations Ma'am on your Diamond Jubilee
Sandra G Mason
Rebecca Mason
Roger Mason
Mr Craig Richard Mason
Lee Mason 6 great decades
David A Massey A true legend of the sky, long live all that fly in it
Michael John Masters
P J Masters
Geoffrey Robin Matcham On the wings of an angel you fly above us - we miss you x
John and Sue Matheson. Edzell. Scotland
Simon R Matthews
The Revd Bill and Mrs Eileen Matthews We give God thanks for your reign and your life of service
Mr Timothy John Matthews
The Rev Bill and Mrs Eileen Matthews We give God thanks for your reign and your life of service
Mrs Jean Mattinsley
Graham and Susan Mattinson
P H Mattocks
Maggie Mawby
Ray Spencer
Mrs Jeanetter Maxwell Ex RAF
Allan May
Mr Alan May
Roger Mayes
Mr Roger Mayes
Mrs Helen M Mayes
Beryl M Mayhew nee Place 70 years old. Memories of my Dad at work on the first Vulcan!
Jennifer Joy Maylen
Keith James Maylen
John Mayne
Keith McBreaty Every good wish to Her Majesty and Our Vulcan XH558 !!
Lucy McCann
Henry McCauley A celebration of two Majestic Queens
Thomas McClymont Ex RAF The Queen, God bless her, long may she reign
Andrew and Margaret McClymont
Cecil McComb
Samuel T McComiskey Grateful thanks for all you have given to your subjects  & UK
Sandra McConnachie Great Britain at it's best, Her Majesty and Avro Vulcan XH558
Rita McCormick
Rita MaCormick
Air Commodore Iain McCoubrey Long may she reign!
Keith McCracken
Esme McClure
Ian G McCubbin
Neil McCullough
Peter McGregor God bless on this important day
Ronald Duncan McGuinness
Alastair McKay CENG MRAES
Alastair McKay (Supermarines)
Leslie McKee Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee. Long may your reign
Mary Kirstina McKee
James McKeown MBE (MIL)
Olga McKeown
Kenneth Ian McLean
Merle Andrea Hattersley
Ian McLetchie
Margaret McLetchie
Mr Winton MaNab FRCS
Mr Winton McNab FRCS
Trish McNiff
Malcolm McPartlan Hope the Vulcan will fly over Buckingham Palace soon!
S. Charles McQuigg and Family Your Majesty, Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Robin McStay Congratulations on reaching the 60th year
David Mcwhirter
Eileen Chambers (Little Miss Vulcan) "Per ardua ad astra"
Hazel Medlar
Mr Stephen H Medley
Gordon Richard Medlock
Thomas D Mee
Dr Noel Meeke MBE Her Majesty and XH558, Thanks for years of wonderful service
Bernard John Meeten
Irene Margaret Meighen
Ian R W Mein
Colin A Meldrum
F E W Messenger, B E M
A R Messenger
Ray Metcalfe. (SAMA82)
Michael Meur
Graham John Mewett Honoured to give my best wishes to the Queen on her Jubilee
Brian Mick
Malcolm R Middlebrook
W. Brooke Midgley
Michael H Midgley
Rona Midgeley Congratulations on 60 great years
Ken Miles
Vic Miller
John Miller LRPS FDPS
Dusty Miller 81 ORD COY / OP - CO-OP
James and Margaret Miller
Dusty Miller.  Ex RAF Controller (ATC)
Fraser Miller
Victor G Miller
David Millett
Geoffrey Mills
Ted Mills
D A and K A Mills. Rich, Lisa and baby Eve Jonathan D A Mills 17.11.1972 - 10.09.1996 Go fly Jono
Olivia Millward
Stella M Milsom
Graham George Mitchell
Sandra Mitchell
David Mitchell
Ms Diana Mitchell
Diana J Mitchell
Derrick Mitchell
Air Cdre John L Mitchell Congratulations to all concerned. Far cry from Whitley MK. V
Roger C Mitchell
Alan John Mitchell
Wayne Mitchell
Adrian Anthony Mitchell I have pride I served with the RAF and XH was my favourite
Roger and Ann Sampson Congratulations on 60 glorious years
Owen Mitchell-Gough
Graham Eric Mobbs
Kit Mockett
N E C Molyneux 2 Grand ladies ever remembered in our glorious history
Geoffrey M Monahan
Jenni Monahan Lost her battle with Cancer June 2011 - She loved the Vulcan
The Ropley Society
Royal Air Force Assn Alresford Branch Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in style
Mr G P Mooney
Don and Anne Bunyard
David and Jacqueline Jones
Peter, Kim, Bradley and Mitchell Moore
Callum Lincoln Moore Grandson of Flt Lt Pete Marsland. Vulcan Navigator
Roger Moore MBE
Bernard Moore RAF 4088397 1951-53 With most humble good wishes to two grand ladies
Graham Moore
David M Moores
Yvonne Moreman from Hampshire I wish you much happiness. God bless you
Ian Glyn Morgan
John V Morgan
A. Trevor Morgan
D P Morgan Chair Gurkha Rifles Regt. Assoc We may be older but we are just as loyal and just as devoted
David J V Morgan
Matt Morgan
Stuart Morley
Alison and Ian Morley Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Mr J R Moroney
Maureen P Morrell
Gregory Edward Morrell
Mr William Morris - Porthcawl
Mr & Mrs Anthony & Joan Morris
Robin M Morris
Malcolm and Heidi Morris To commemorate our Silver Wedding Anniversary 27 March 2012
Derek R Morrow
Jennifer Morse
Barry James Morton
Kathleen Morton
Tracey A Morton
Martyn Kevin Hagan
Eric Moss (Moose)
David Mountain Dear Madam you are a truly great Queen, Congratulations
Ralph S Mounter
Dave Mounter
Mr David and Mrs Margaret Mountney
Cath, Clive and Kieran Moxham What a great double celebration - all the best
Ian K Muir God bless Your Majesty
Flt Lt Cliff Mullins, RAFVR(T) ret'd Thanks to two great ladies for 60 years service to us all
Eamonn Mullins
Wendy Muncey
Adam Munnery
Julie Murdoch
Roy Murdoch
Mrs Margaret Murdy
Noel Raymond Murphy
Bryan and Brenda Murphy We wish Her Majesty a rewarding year for her long service to the nation
V T and M T Murphy
Edward Murray
James Murray
Judith Murray
Christopher Murray
Wg Cmdr C N Musker Chocs away. The Engineers will make good
Ian S Myles
Barbara Myles
William Naesmyth of Posso
Helen Nash
Colin D Nash
David Nash
EUR ING Robert Nash
Mrs Margaret Nash
Group Captain Mike Naworynsky OBE
Mr John Naylor
Elizabeth Naylor
Wing Commander B R Neal RAF (Ret'd) All good wishes on this splendid occasion
Doreen Adderley Ex WAAF 1940 TO 1945
Tim Brown
Mrs Joan Stubbington
Mrs Roma Neale
E G Small ex RAF
Brian Sergeant
Margaret Blanchard
Harry Tindale
Flt Lt R E Latchem
Flt Lt J. L. Bates
Mr M. P. Kempley
Sue and Ian Bull
Captain David Parsons MNM
Roma, Poppy and Alfie Neale
Christine Pugh
Anthony Renshaw
Henry Horner
Wigfull Family - Leicester A fitting tribute to sixty years of service
Luke Barry Peter Neer
Matthew Neer
Joan Neilson
Tricia Frances Neilson
Ian A Neish
Mr John T Nelmes Fell in love working on her engines back in the early 60's
The Chiltern Aircrew Association Loyal greetings to Your Majesty on your Diamond Jubilee
Peter Nesling
Gp Capt (Ret'd) H Neubroch OC 35 Sqn 1960-61 Loyal greetings form the USA (Cincinnati Ohio)
FS Mark Newberry RAF
Colin Burnett Shawn Newbery
Terry Newby
Gail Newby
Dudley Newiss
Philip Charles Newitt M.N. Jubilation on your Diamond reign
The Newland Family Congratulations on reaching your 60th anniversary
Barry Newman
John Nichol
Master Air Engineer D A "Nick" Nicholls
W Nicholls
Brian Nicholls All the best to Her Majesty, and good luck to the Vulcan
Robin Nichols
Mr Dennis Nichols I am 91 and as an Ex RAF Crew Chief I knew 558 well  in 1952
J & J Nicholson
Robert George Nicholson Happy 60th Anniversary Ma'am
Sqn Ldr Alan Nicoll
Linda Ann Nicoll
D J P Nidd
Mr Ivor Nightingale
Ivor Nightingale
John Nightingale
Bjarne Nilssen
Molly Manson-Noble
B M Noble Sixty years on the throne. A wonderful glorious achievement
Michael Noble
Brian Nolan
Janet Nolan
A J Nolan All the best
Mr P Norcliffe
Martin Norris
Eileen Norris
Sqn Ldr R D Ingalls AEO RAF Ret'd In memory of our father. 40  years service (230 OCU 61-65)
Sqn Ldr R D Ingalls AEO RAF Ret'd In memory of our father 40 years service (230 OCU 61-65)
Cpl Brian Northcott
John Northwood
Mr Philip Norton
Philip Norton
Robet Frederick Notley A big step in development compared to a Lancaster bomber
Alan Noyes
Henry S Nugus
Donald Nunn
Peggy Nunn
Geoff Nunn
Mike O'Brien
Karen Ochs
Geoff Ochs
Mark  w O'Dell
Michael J O'Donnell
WO2 Ron Ogilvie. Royal Regt, Canada
John F O'Keefe
George Eric Douglas Burville In our thoughts. Peter, Karen, Sharon, Mark, Michelle and Laura
Linda Mary Randell Love you for all eternity. Peter
POSBIE Pete Olden It has been an honour to serve both you and my country
Rebecca Joanne Millington Keep them laughing up there. Honour to have known you. POSBIE
Janice Blevan Burville In our thoughts, Karen, Sharon, Mark, Michelle, Laura & Uncle Peter
Brian Bodington
Audrey Bodington
Tracey Oliver
Michael and Hilary Oliver G-MOGS
Charles Oliver
Brian R Oliver
Rhoda Pearman
Brian Oliver and Rhoda Pearman Majestic tribute to wonderful Monarch, Inspirational to all
Harold Goode From a Vulcan fitter who also served at Windsor Castle in 1943
Robert A Olney
Thomas Michael O'Neill
Laura Claire Rae
Gp Capt A M J O'Neill
Michael Openshaw
Mr Michael Orme
Ian Osborne A Queen to be proud of, an example to all
Anthony Osborne-Fardon
SAC Ray Otterburn MEAS Waddo and around the world
Erica Oulton
Robin Oulton
Miss Emily Overton
Jeff Owen
Lewis Robert Gwilym Owen
Peter Joseph Owen
Ralph Owen
Trevor G Owen
Mick Coley The worlds biggest Vulcan fan, never forgotten
David R M Oxford
Dorothy J Oxford
Hiroshi Oyori
Alan Packham
David Padbury
Thomas Paddon
Jon Page
Jacqui Page
Adam Page
Stuart Page
Keira Page
Nicky Painter
Maurice Palethorpe
Trasna Palmer
Mr Steven James Palmer
Mrs Janet Caroline Palmer
Mr Geoffrey Alex Palmer
Mrs Jean Madeline Palmer
Mr Trevor Alex Palmer
Jennifer Ann Palmer
Susan Janet Pamplin
Michael Pancheri
Marion Pancheri
Mr Graham D Papworth
Keith F Parker
Alison Parkinson
Alexander Ferrier Parr
Emma Parry
Peter John Parry
Captain R J D Parry
Patricia P Parsons Your Majesty, Salutations on 60 years of a truly noble reign
Wilbert Pash
Tommy Paterson
Dr David K W Paterson
David Woodcock
Miss Janet Patmore
Stephen Pattemore A celebration to our Queen and XH558 our Queen of the Skies!
T K Patterson A wonderful example. Very well done Ma'am
Frances Patterson
Malcolm Paul
Geoffrey Pawson
Al Payne
Patricia J Payne
Rudy Henderson-Payne
Roxanne Henderson-Payne
Tony Peach
Ken Peacock
Edward Pearce
Mr D Pearman
Julie Pears
Andrew Pearson
Stephen Pearson and Michelle Dove
Robert F Pearson
RM 19773 Marine P A Pearson An honour to serve you for 24 years
Eric Pearson. Middlesborough
Jo Pearson Steadfastness to Her Majesty and the Vulcan's glorious 60!
Charles Richard Pease
David Peck Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Mrs Jean Penfold Fly high Your Majesty like our wonderful Vulcan XH558
Kevin Penfold & daughters Debz, Kerry & Laurel Proud to have served in the RAF & on the Vulcan to the Sky team
Flt Sgt V W R Penford In memory of a pilot from the Battle of Britain
Mick Pennington
Nadine Pennington
Lucy Charlotte House
Mr Donald H Penny
John Peppiatt
Louise N Percy Pleased to have served as a WRAF during the last war
Mr Kenneth Perren
A. J. Perrin
Patricia Petch. B.A. Hons Best wishes to Her Majesty and the Majesty of our sky
Alan Petherbridge Congratulations Your Majesty on your magnificent achievement
Brian Phillips
John and Catherine Phillips
Brian and Jenny Phillips For your dedication to our great country and commonwealth. Loyal thanks.
John M Phillips Thank you Your Majesty for 60 years of Commonwealth service
John Phillips DCS RE
Mrs Helen Piasecki & Miss Barbara Piasecki We love Her Majesty and the RAF is the best in the world
Garry Pickett
Colin Pickles
Oliver Pickmere Many happy returns Your Majesty
Michael Pidgeon
Ken Pigott
Helen Pigott
Tom Pigott
Norman Pike
Mr Andrew John Pinder Salute to Her Majesty the Queen on her 60th Diamond Jubilee
Gillian Anne Cockcroft Salute to Her Majesty on her 60th Diamond Jubilee
Rowland Piper
Martyn,Jackie, Sophie and Simon Pitman
Mr and Mrs John Platt
Brian D Playfair
Suzanne Pleming Many congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee!!
Edward Hammond With best wishes on your Diamond Jubilee
Elaine Pleming With best wishes on your Diamond Jubilee
Freddy Moseling
Henry Moseling
Mark Moselin With best wishes on your Diamond Jubilee
Rachel Moseling With best wishes on your Diamond Jubilee
Billy Bates MC RIP
John Pleming MBE RIP
Kathleen Pleming With best wishes for your Diamond Jubilee
David Pleming With best wishes for your Diamond Jubilee
H and J Plummer
Mr H W Pocknell
Alan G Pole
Michael Pole
Ann Pollard
Alan and Patricia Pollock ex-Light Blue, Royal Splendour dawn/dusk Vulcan intercepts at altitude
27 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets Wishing Her Majesty a happy Diamond Jubilee from Ontario
Joseph Portelli
Mrs Ruth Porter
Porter. Robert
Pieter Posthumus of South Africa "Yours in admiration" Congratulations on your sixty year reign
Marion Haill Salute from the 'Balloon Barrage Reunion Club' Veterans
Peter Garwood Salute from the 'Balloon Barrage Reunion Club' Veterans
Phyll Wood Salute from the 'Balloon Barrage Reunion Club' Veterans
Trevor J Potter
Michael Potter She served us well
Mr Robert Pottinger
Samuel A E Poulter
Ailsa A F Poulter
Wing Commander S G Pountain
Ron Powell (World War 11)
Alan Powley
Diane Pratt
Deborah Jane Preece
John Pretty
Mr Gary Price
Karen Price
Jim Price
Alan Price-Talbot ROCA
Susan Price-Talbot ROCA
Brian Prickett (WRD Wooford)
Robert Mark Priest
Marion Smart 7 Eric G3KPU A truly amazing experience on the guided tour for us both
Derek J Prior
Mr John Priston
K J Nithakorn Pritchard
Barry Pritchard
Joan Pritchard-Barrett
Simon Proctor
David Pryce Proud to have served in Royal Air Force. Best wishes on your special day
Elaine Pugh
Brenda Pugh
John Pugh
Wg Cdr M A P Pugh. OBE AFC RAF
Dennis Arthur Pugsley Congratulations on a magnificent 60 years Your Majesty
Tony Pullen
Sukey and Howard Pullen A magnificent acheivement - Many congratulations
Bert Punchard Congratulations from the Punchard Family - Tina - Stephen
Teresa Punter
Nick Punter
David Pyne
Claudine and David Pynn Thank you for being an exemplary model of service to our nation
David A Raddon
David Leslie Radford
Sylvia Radford
Malcolm Radley RAFA
D Lawrie Raffle
Michael A J Rainbow Vulcan forever
J and S Raju Family. Sydney, Australia Congratulations on the occasion of your Diamond Jubilee
Mr R H Randle
Konstantin and Diane Ratkovic Congratulations Your Majesty, God bless you and XH558
Mrs Christine Ravenscroft
Bruce Rawlings Thanks for everything you do for us Your Majesty
Susan and Alan Raworth Rule Britannia
David J Ray
Caton Raybould
Colin R Raynor
Douglas Rea. Chief Tech Propulsion Eng. Ret'd
David Frederick Read
Don Read
Nigel Read
Jules Read
Kev Read
John L S Read
David Reah
The Realf Family
Antony Ream
Kerie Receveur Thank you and congratulations - May you reign supreme!
Frank Redfern
Michael Redman
Mr L. Reed
Michael Reed Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Harold S Reemsynder
Malcolm and Dawn Rees Congratulations on 60 glorious years
Valerie Rees
John Reeve
Derek Reeves
David Reeves Long may you reign
Wing Commander Chris Reid RAF Congratulations Ma'am. It was a pleasure to serve you
Bryan Renshaw
Barbara Restin-Hurel Wishing you well. With great respect. Live long and prosper
Eddie Reynolds
Stephen Reynolds
John Rhodes Thank you for 60 years of service to our nation
David, Paul and Grandson Thomas Rice Congratulations to a grand lady, long may you reign
Vaughan and Glenys Rich
Jan North Forever England our wonderful green land
Philip Richards Forever England our wonderful green land
Imogen Jessica Richards (aged 2) One day I'll look back with pride, as a Nation does now
Charles Edwin Richardson
Mr Charles Richardson
Brian W Richardson
Clive Richardson
Brian Richardson
Ian Richardson
Valerie Richardson
John Leslie Richmond
Cliff Richmond Congratulations from a very loyal subject
John Scoley Rickett
Mrs Barbara Bass Riddel
Christopher Riddle
John A Ridler
Don and Diana Ridley
The Rigby Family
Tim Rigg
Jackie Rigg
Steve Riggs
Maggie Riggs
John Riley
Michael J Riley
Christopher A Rimmer
Mr John Ritchie
Debbie Roach
Martyn Roach
Jo Roach
Claire Frances Robbins
Helen Lister
Peter Roberts
Ian Roberts
Kester Roberts
A J Roberts
Hugo Roberts
John Roberts Ex Strike Wing RAF Akrotiri My Grandson Joseph Bryant says the Vulcan is awesome
Charles Robertson
Ann Robertson One flew over my house in Manchester in 1952. Spectacular
Michael David James Robertson
David Young McLellan Robertson
Malcolm Robertson
Lauren Young Robertson Congratulations Your Majesty, All the best
Wg Cdr I H R Robins
Tim Robinson Long may you reign and long may Vulcan fly
Joan and John Robinson
Charles Brian Robinson
Sandra Robinson
Mrs Margaret Anne Robson
Mr Michael Robson
Ken Robson and Family. (Whitley Bay)
David Roe
Dudley Roessler
Brian Rogers
Bob and Lynda Rogers
Colin Rogers
Rodney Peter Rogers
Dean Rogers
Peter Rogers
Clive Rogers Hail 60 years Your Majesty: Long to reign. God bless you
Peter D M Rolfe
Dorothy J Rolfe
Mick Rolley
Martijn Rooderkerk God save The Queen and the Vulcan
Margaret Roper
Derek G Roper
Patrick H Rose
Jack Ross
Mr J R Ross
Simon Rouse HMS Coventry D118
Michael E Routledge
Kevin Routledge
Ralph K M Rowe
John Richard Rowe
David Alan Rowe
Steve Rowell
Mr T Dewi Rowlands
Dewi Rowlands
John Rowley
Philip Rowley
Mike Rowley
Dr Adrian Ruddle
Chris Ruff
Anne and Robin Rumbles
Roger Rumbold
David A Rundle Great Monarch
Michael David Rushforth
Ian Russel PRO Hull Branch RAFA Loyal greetings and congratulations
Ken Russon
Andrew Rutter
Fred Rutty
Mr Keith S K Ryan
John Alfred Rycroft
Eur Ing William J Ryder Your Majesty, Sincere congratulations for 60  years
George E H Rymer
Wg Cdr Michael Sabben RAF Ret'd
Joe Sach
Alan Sadler
Carol Sadler
Mrs Valentine Sadler
Mr John Sadler
Squadron Leader Geoffrey Sadler
Kevin  M Saggers
Neil Salt
Jane Sample
Ivan Sampson
Tom Samson, Croydon Airport Soc.
Terry Sancroft-Baker Congratulations on reaching this wonderful milestone
Sally Sandall and Grandaughter Chloe Elise Congratulations two amazing ladies, long may you both reign
Yvonne Milgate
Geoff Sanders
Robin Linda and James Sanderson
Mrs Steph Sandiford
Helen M Sang
Torquil MacLeod
Sapsed Family
Nicholas A Sarchet
Robert Braham Sargeant
Mrs Jennifer Valerie Smith-Sargent
Michael W J Sartain
Joan L Sartain
Frank Saunders
No. 2 Group Royal Observer Corps Assoc. Congratulations to our Patron on your Diamond Jubilee
Keith GrahamSaunders
Ken Savage
Mrs Sheila Savage
Simon Savage
William George Savage
Mr Kenneth Robert Sayers & Miss Julia Susan Sayers
Mr Tony Sayers B.E.M. Served in RAF for 25 yrs. Nice to see a Vulcan flying again
Mr Roland Scanes
Sheila F Scarr
Frans Scheve
Peter Schneider
Josie Oakley
Helen Schofield Wife of John Nav Plotter 44 Sqn 60-67 Memories Cuba 44 Sqn Lanchiall
Jan Schofield
John Emmanuel Scicluna
Bob Scorer
Mr Thomas Scotson
Peter Scott
Mr Peter Scott
Terry Scott
Peter Scott A wonderful Queen, a wonderful aircraft. 60 glorious years
Dennis G Scott From Land, Sea and Air, Brothers in Arms
Frank Glencairn Scott
R C Sculpher
Janet Seale
Garth Perkins Keep her flying!
Squadron Leader John Searle
Jack Sears
Daniel P Seeley
Abbatiello Sergio
Leslie Seward
Michael Sewell
The Sewell Family Thank you for everything, from the Sewell Family from Kent
Mr Colin Seymour
Eunice Seymour
James C Shakeshaft
John Shanks
John R Sharman
Kevin Sharman Well done Her Majesty and the Vulcan on 60 glorious years
Malcolm Sharp
Susan Shaw
Stephen Shaw
Mr Arthur John Shaw
Graham and Gill Shaw
Robert E Shedd The Queen and the Vulcan, two powerful symbols of our great nation
Peter Sheen
Alan Sheildrake
Rita Shepherd
Bill Sheppard
Richard James Sheppard
John Shere
Alistair and Susan Shiel
Philip Sheilds
Brian and Carol Shields
Basil T Shillaker I participated in development of Scampton for Vulcans
Mrs Sandra Shilling
Kenneth John Shineton
Alison Shinn
Darren Shinn
Brenda M Hill
Elizabeth Shore
Orville Peter Short
Flt Lt Dave Short RAF Ret'd It was a pleasure to serve you Ma'am
Malcolm Short
Keith Shovelin
Geoff Shuard
Brian Shurmer
Julie Shurmer
Michael Siberry
Peter Siddall No. 83 BFT RAF Linton on Ouse - Trained by Martin Withers
Donald Siddons
Don Sim Keep going
Barbara Simcock
Trevor Simcock
Ian K F Simcock
Anne Simmonds
Sir Michael Simmons
Peter Simpson
Roy A Simpson Congratulations on 60 years of dedicated service
Mr Roy Sims
Dr Mark Sims
Colin Sinclair, Bushmills
Wing Commander J R M Singleton Ret'd
James Skillin
Anthony L Slater
Dorinda Slater
Leonard Slatford
Dorothy Slatford
Andrew Slatford
Mr Robin Sleight MBE
Mr R L Slingerland
Geoff Slingsby
Paul Sloane
Donald F Sly BA
Brian Smidmore "Queens" on high, rule realm and sky
Dave M Smith
Adrian John Smith
Michael J Smith Congratulations. Brilliant. A shining example to the Nation.
Roland Smith
David C J Smith
Harry Smith
Anne Houston Smith
Denis R Smith
Jack Richard Smith
Colin B Smith Proud to have serviced XH558 on 27 Sqn 1977-79
Brenda A Smith
Michael Trevor Smith
Richard J D Smith
David T Seymour-Smith Congratulations on reaching 60 years Your Majesty
Ernest Brian Smith
John Smith
Christopher and Jane Smith Good health Your Majesty and the inspiration of Geat Britain
James Smith
Roz Smith. Fenbull Bull Terriers
Mrs Ann Smith
Mr Arnold Smith
Mr Frederick Smith
Mrs Jacqueline Smith
David W G Smith
Ian Smith
Thomas Smith
Arnold Smith Congratulations Your Majesty
Vanessa Smith 60 glorious years. Many congratulations.
Chris Lucas A wonderful tribute from the Delta Lady. God save our Queen
Bryan Smith
David Hutton. Ex Fleet Air Arm Happy 80th from all the family and Happy 60 yrs reign Ma'am
Stuart Marston Smith What a pair of Stars! Congratulations and a huge thank you
Timothy Peter Smith
Robin Smith
Norman Smith
Cheryl Latham. Hatfield, S Yorkshire
Peter Smith. Hatfield, S Yorkshire
John Latham. Hatfield, S Yorkshire
Sam Smith. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Graham Smith. Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
Jefferoo Roberts. Watford, Hertfordshire
Gillain Page. Waddington, Lincolnshire
Alan B Smith
Mark David Smith
Flt Lt W Smithson
Geoff and Izzie Smyth Thank you Ma'am for your service to your country, with love x
Flt Lt Ken Snape 27 Sqn Vulcan AEO and 230 OCU Instructor. Ten Vulcan sorties
Squadron leader RFT Snarg RAF (Ret'd) FRAeS 60 yrs unsurpassed dedicated service to Commonwealth and Country
Robyn Snee
Jannah Snee
James HF Snelling and the late Janet Snelling
Jim Snelling In memory of my wife Janet
Martin James Rans
Sarah-Jane Somerset
Ernest Rans
Miss Sarah-Jane Somerset
Stuart H Sossick
Justin Southcombe To Bill, greatest father and Vulcan Navigator….ever
Michael John  Southgate
David Winn Sowden
Beryl Sowden
Richard (Dick) Fell 5031045 SAC Fell R 83 Squadron Vulcans 1957-1958 Waddington
Richard (Dick) Fell Fly the bird. 83 Squadron 1956-58
Air Marshall Sir Freddie & Lady Anne Sowrey Here's a health unto Her Majesty
Raymond A Speechley
John Spencer
Thomas Howard Spencer
Sarah Judith Spencer
Joel Spicer To Your Majesty, I hope that you will have a great Diamond anniversary
Richard Spoore
Frederic Trevor Spriggs
Group Captain Robin Springett
Rick Squibb
Ian St George
Douglas St John
Douglas G St John
Rupert St Ledger-Chambers
William St Leger-Chambers
Elizabelle St Leger-Chambers
Mr William St Leger-Chambers
Christine St Leger-Chambers
Paul and Nicole Stables
John Henry Stacey
Sqn Ldr Graeme Stagg and Family We hope this aircraft will fly till its own Diamond Jubilee
Sidney Stanley
Susan Stannard-Beswick Your loyal subject - Congratulations on your sixty year reign
Peter Stanton
AVM Deryck Stapleton Historic congratulations
David Starkie In honour of Her Majesty's 60 glorious years
John E Starmer
Mr David Start
Mr and Mrs J Stearn
Delia Stearnes In memory of Nigel Stearnes
Flt Lt B. P. Steed I am proud to have served for you, your Majesty and country
Roger Steel
Joseph Peter Steele
Matthew William Stein
Ex LAC Stephen G 2541954
Mrs Wendy Stephens
Mr Andrew Stephens
Miss D Stephenson
Mr G D Stephenson
Mrs Kim Stephenson Wishing her Majesty all the best on your Diamond Jubilee
Primrose Stevens
Revd Andrew Stevens
Mrs Muriel Stevenson, ex WRAF
Ian Stewart Congratulations Your Majesty on 60 glorious years
Edward Anthony Still
Colin Stillaman
Beryl June Stillaman
Colin Eric Stillaman
Liz and John Stilwell
Nigel Stilwell
Keith A Stimpson
Sandra Stock
Peter Stockdale Best wishes to both their Majesties
Sandra Stocker
Mr & Mrs W J Stocks
George Stoddart-Stones
Ruby Stoddart-Stones
Mr Robert Stokes
Robert C Stokes
Al and Sindy Stokes
John Stone
Mrs Mary Stone
Roger and Erika Stone
WO Robert Stonehouse RAF Ret'd
Keith Stoneman The preservation of The Falklands and the Monarchy due to the Vulcan
Keith and Hilda Stones
Mr Bernard Storey
Raymond Storey
J H Srorey
Chab Strong
Brian Strudwick (Strud)
Frankie Stuart
Dorothy Campbell Service 1942-1945 LACW - Cook - Harrogate - Husbands Bosworth
Brian Suckling
David Sugden
Mr Ronald Sulway
Mrs Joyce Sulway
Terry Summerfield
Jackie and Keith Sumner Honouring sixty glorious years, our Queen our Vulcan
Chris and Sandy Surman
Ernest and Julia Surridge
Adam. Ian and Lorraine Surridge
William James Sutherland 60 glorious yrs for Your Majesty, 30 yrs for Falkland Veterans
Mr and Mrs A & G Sutton
Patricia Swaffield
Mr and Mrs J Swain Congratulations on 60 glorious years and many more
Phil Swallow
D r J Kelly Swanston
Jean Barbara Sweetenham
Mrs Maggie Swift A majestic lady may she always fly
Martin C Swift
Mr and Mrs B A Sydenham
Elizabeth Sylvester-Gray
Barry Groombridge Symes
Brian Taber
Helen Tabois
Moira Tabois
Peter Tabois
Jonathan Tabois
Neil Talmage
Flt Lt Peter A Tamblin RAF Ret'd
Yasuro Tanaka
Michael C Tandy
Flt Lt Peter W Tanter
Jonathan Tasker
John Tasker
Andrew Tate
Mrs Patricia Tate
Mr Ken Tatham
Reg Tattershall
Sheila Tattershall
Sally Lousie Tatton
Warwick James Tatton
Sqn Ldr George Taylor BCcHONS MRPHARMS
Michael Taylor
Graeme Taylor
Hope Taylor
Ronald M Hatton Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth and XH558, Queen of land and air
Peter B Taylor
Terence Peter Taylor
Brian Taylor Ex RAF
Roy Taylor Ex Zpara
Peter John Taylot CPOWEA RN Ret'd
Robert C Taylor Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
David Allan Taylor
Lesley Patricia Taylor I celebrate your 60th anniversaries with my 60th birthday
Rachel Lara Dandy
Stephen James Dandy
Mr Adrian Taylor
Mrs Marsha Taylor
Mrs Barbara Taylor
Raymond Taylor ISM
Linda Teather
Colin Teather
Elizabeth Tebbutt
Alan Teece
Joan Telfer
John F Thacker - JT Two great British institutions, we salute you both
Captain D Thirkhill RAF and Royal Artillery Served twenty seven years myself. Thank you Ma'am for your service
Gp Capt Michael Thom
Mr I J L Thomas
William Desmond Thomas
William W. Thomas and Bonnie E. Barker Thank you for sharing your amazing life. God bless you, U rock!
Dave Thomas
Mr David Thomas. BEM Norwich, Norfolk
Marion Ruth Thomas
Jane and Malcolm Thomas Sixty glorious years! Congratulations!
Stuart and Shirley Thomas Proud of Phil Thomas, serving with 3 Rifles this Jubilee year
Lesley Thompson
Michael R Thompson
Mrs Olive Thomson
Mr Alan Thompson
Pete Thompson
Heather Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Robert Thompson
Thomas Thompson
John and Hilary Thomson
Peter J Thornburgh
Philip Thornhill
Philip Gerard Thornhill
Mr Michael Thornhill
James Cuthbert Thornton
Lorraine Thorpe Let the Vulcan roar once more, A Queen for a Queen to adore
Dudley Thubron
Robbie Tierney
Keith Tilbury. Devon
Geoff Tippett
Peter Tipping Ex RAF Farnborough
Ann Tipping
Dereck Titchen
Martin James Titmarsh
Mo Tiwana God save The Queen, may she reign forever
Alan Tizzard
Mr Andrew Todd of Sarratt, Hertfordshire
Robert V Todd
Mrs Elinor Mary Toft
Michael Anthony Tomblin
Sheila Tomlinson Live long and prosper
Mr N Tomlinson
Mrs K Tomlinson
Simon and Melanie Tong Thank you for your outstanding service to the country
Thomas E. Toth Congratulations for 60 glorious years of reign and dedication
Zena M Toth Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Janet M Townend
Phyllis Townsend
Charles Toynton RAF Ret'd Congratulations from across the world
Paul Trayton and Lyn Hargrove (Thetford) P and L Stores and Family Darren, Kelly and Daniel salute you
Michael J G Tremlett
Peter J Trentham
Ronald Trigger
Brian Trimming
Jane Trinder Thank you for 60 dedicated years to Great Britain and beyond
Mr Arthur Terrence Harrigan Happy 80th birthday Dad, this is for you - with love Linda x
Neil and Barbara Trotter. Ex WO RAF
Jon Trueman and Becky Seyburn Thank you Your Majesty for 60 yars service to our Nation
Yvonne Pereira You are such an inspiration - Aviatrix aged 76 and still flying!
James Martin Gray
Mr M G Truran
John Wilson Truscott
John Truscott In proud service 1972 to 2012
Alan G Trusler
Mrs Sarah Tsang
Sarah Tsang
Stephen F Tucker Congratulations to HM Queen & Vulcan Two inspirational ladies
David Kenneth Tucker
Mr Peter Tuckwell
Bernard Arthur Turner
Richard David Turner
Mr Malcolm Turner
Malcolm Turner
Wg Cdr R E Turner
Swasie Turner MBE
Bernard Arthur Turner Congratulations. Long may you both reign supreme
Richard Turner and Caroline Coleman Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Craig Turner
Denis Turner
Denis Turner Long may she keep flying
Richard and Maureen Turney
Bill Turnill
Mary Turnill
Mr Bob Turrell
Steven Tweed Congratulations to Your Majesty on your Diamond Jubilee
Derek G Twigg
Martin Twigg AVRO Vulcan: Admired worldwide by British Aviation enthusiasts
Arthur Tyler of Altrincham, Cheshire
Hugo Tyson and Cindy Wells
Elaine Tyson
Ms Bernie Unitt One great and graceful lady salutes another
Hugh R J Upward B.E.M.
Tschanz Urs
Anita Uttley
David Valentine RAF Vulcan Squadron 1955-56
Dennis Valtisiaris
Mr Dennis Valtisiaris
Sir John Vassar-Smith
Lady Vassar-Smith
Lady Roberta Vassar-Smith
Michael Victor Verney
Richard Vernon
Petty Officer John Vickerson (Deck) RFA Thank you for 60 years of glorious service. God bless you
Peter Vowles
Thomas Waby
Graham "Squeek" Wade
Dr Phil Wadey
Glyn Wadley. Waddington 1962-65 Proud to have served Her Majesty and my time on Vulcans
Mike Wager
Alan John Waits. D8192397 SAC RAF I remain your most obedient servant
Phil Wakefield
Mr Nigel Walker
Nigel Walker
Rod Walker SAC INST GEN on ASF Waddington 1958. Vulcan and Queen forever
Douglas Alan Walker
Mr John  B Walker
Aileen Walker
Vernon Walker - Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire
William Walker
Frank Walker
Sebastian Travis Milnes Hilditch
Edgar Walker Thank you for all you are and all you've done
John B Walker 80 years of exquisite devotion
John Maurice Walker MBE It has been an honour to serve both you and my country
Chris and Kirsty Wallace, and Oscar
James A Walker
Mrs Diana Wallis
Wing Commander K H Wallis MBE RAF Ret'd Remember those of us who fought the Battle of Germany, Bomber CD
Mrs Patricia Wallis
Sqn Ldr JJ Walpole RAF
John Walsh
David Walters
Pauline and Brian Dobson
Peter and Helen Tate
Ken Tate
Steve, Alison, Chloe and Isabelle Walton
David and Michelle Walton- Telford, Shropshire Best wishes to Your Majest and the Vulcan - 60 Glorious years
Mrs Anne Wanless
Thomas Alan Ward
John L A Ward
Terry Charles Ward
David Ward
Mr and Mrs L W P Ward
Mr Peter Ward
Mrs Josephine Ward
Mike Ward
Julie Baynes
Charles Ward
Rose Ward
Ginny Wakefield
Gary Wakefield
Sienna Wakefield
Sean Ghouse
Angela Ghouse
Michael Ghouse
June Ward
Roger Robinson
Denise Helen Culverwell Bardon. P8048394
Chris and Tony Wardle Congratulations on an amazing achievement Your Majesty!
Andy Wardle Two amazing ladies. Long may they continue!
Susan Waring
Nick Warner Many thanks to all the Vulcan pilots that kept me safe
Harry Warner
Colin Bullock
Chris Warren
Paula Warren
Gordon Warrington
Hilda Warrington
Gerard Warrington
Rotary Club of Hinckley Congratulations and best wishes to Her Majesty and Vulcan
Sarah Waterfall
Keith Waterland
Brian Waters
Mrs Maureen Waters
Mrs Margaret Watkins
Bernard Watkins
Brian Watmough
Christine Matmough
Mark "Bing" Chantler
Roderick Watson
Dr and Mrs Michael Henderson Loyal and affectionate greetings on your Jubilee Ma'am
The Watson Family The best looking plane in the world - and our Queen!
Denis Watt Congratulations on a momentous event
John W Watts
Jan Watts
Mrs Pat Watts
Jill Watts
Rose Watts
William J Key
Norman Jupp
Georgina Jupp
Geoffrey Watts
Jacqueline Watts
Leslie Watts
Richard Watts
Jennifer Watts
David Way
Doug Weall
Mrs Stella Weatherby
Mike Weatherly
Margaret Weaver Saluting 60 years of unswerving dedication
John Weaver Proud to salute 60 years of dedicated service to UK and Commonwealth
Christopher D R Webb
Ian and Geraldine Webb
Nicholas Robert Webb
George Robert Webb Great symbol of stability whatever the political climate
36 Squadron Association Congratulations on 60 years of service to our country
Bob Weir
The Welbourne-Millars Many congratulations Ma'am and heartfelt thanks
Michael Welsh God bless our Queen and the Royal Family
D Welchman
Jayne Welford
Ian K Wells
Andrew John Wells
Valerie Wells
Linda and Bernard Wells Designers, Builders and Operations Crew should be very proud
Michael Welsh A most gracious lady, an inspiration and example to us all
Brian Wellsted Ex National Serviceman Have a wonderful year Your Majesty, You deserve it
Leslie Thomas West
Roger Alan Westerman May your reign be long and peaceful
Paul Weston
David James (Seamus) Weston Long may Your Majesty continue to reign
Gerald Westray
Margaret Westray
Murray wetton
Phil and Carol Whalley
Mr Philip Whalley
Philip Wharton
Leslie Wharton
Timothy Wharton
Winifred Wharton
Olivia Annie Donnelly
Tim Wheatley Congratulations to you from a former Vulcan Navigator
Mr Clement and Mrs Maureen Wheawall Your Majesty is a hard working example to us all, Well done
Robert Wheeler
Peter Wheeler
Mrs Gwen Wheeler nee Prentice (Hycombe)
Albert John Wheeler Congratulations Your Majesty. We Look forward to your seventies
T A Whiskerd
John Whitaker
Alan G White
The White Family - Hornchurch. Essex You continuously excel to show all that is best of Britain
Andrew White A superb, iconic aircraft. It is good to it flying
Simon White Honouring the past, Inspiring the future. Congratulations
George Arthur Whitehead
Denys Whitehead
Glenn Whitehear
Valerie Whitehead
Michael J Whitehouse - Wordsley
Ian Whiteley
Molly and John Whiteside
Ivan C Whitmore
Mr Samuel Lee Whitter
Gp Capt Dick Whittingham and Family In tribute to Her Majesty: The rock of our constitution for 60 yrs
Mrs Carol Whittle
Joyce Streek Congratulations Your Majesty for 60 years on the throne
Amy Brickley
Jack Brickley
John Whyte
Phyllis Whyte
Gordon Whyte
A & D Wicker
Brian L Wickert
Mr Sten Wiedling - Sweden
Mrs K Wigg
Mr M Wigg
John Wigglesworth
Sqn Ldr Nicholas Wilcock
Steve Wild
Julie Wild
Jennie Wild
Dorothy Ann Wilde
Alan Peter Wilde
Mel Wiles
Jane Marie Wiles
Michael Wiley and Family
Hannah and Robert Wilkinson May God continue to bless your reign
Mary Jean Wilkinson
Raymond Willday
Joan Willday
Stephen Paul Willey
Carol Ann Wilgrove In memory of a beautiful, loving and loyal wife
David Williams
Mrs Rosemary Williams
Ray Williams
Samantha Williams
Di Williams
Peter Williams
Stuart Williams Have a wonderful Diamond Jubilee year
E H L Williams. Bovey Tracey
Derek V Williams
Giselle Williams In memory of my dad, Flt Lt James Richard Williams
Mrs Doreen  Williams
Wg  Cdr J G Williams MBE RAF Ret'd
Jim Williams Best wishes from Jim in Harpole
Michael Williams
Capt David Williams
Stuart Williams
Steven Williams Congratulations on reaching this milestone
Mrs Christine Williams Many thanks for the years you have devoted to your country x
C R Williams
Neil Williamson
Ann Williamson
Ann Willis
Val Wills
Carole Willsher
Norman Willsher
Wg Cmdr Brian Wills-Pope
John Wilson
Mr Christopher Wilson
Gary Wilson
Joy Wilson
Alan Wilson
Lewis Wilson
Eden Gina Avery aged 14 months For my Grandad Vic, and RAF service man who loved the Vulcan
David Wilson
Mr Richard Wilson
Fred Wilson Greatly missed by Christine, Robert, Annette and Ethan xxx
Mrs Maureen Wilson God bless Your Majesty on Diamond Jubilee
William Wilson Proud to have served. Billy Wilson Family. God save our Queen
Toby G Wilson Congratulations on a successful reign so far
Russell and Caroline Wilson and Family Thank you for 60 glorious years. Best wishes for the future
Keith James Windras
Matt Winfield
Vince, Fiona, James and Charlotte Wingent
Waclaw Winniczuk
David Winniczuk
Bernie Winstanley
Dave Winter
Derek Winter
Philip Winterton Thank you for all the hard work and dedication
Cynthia M Wise
Sam Wise
Chris Wiseman
Graham Witcher
Martin Withers
Laura Withers
Andrew Withers
Catherine Withers
Victoria Roberts
Joshua Roberts
Sophie Roberts
Ben Johnson
Brian Ronald Wollas
Mr John H Wolley
John Wolley
Barry I Wood Proud Vulcan apprentice. Woodford 58-63. Now retired in SFO
Thomas Henry Wood
Ronald James Wood EngTech ARAES
David Wood Avro Apprentice 1957 - 1962
Arthur and Elaine Pitches
Barry and Marina Wood
Fiona Wood
Brian Wood
Jenny, Tracey and Natalie Wood Congrats on 60 years to our Queen and the Queen of the sky
Carolyn L Wood
Ray Wilby
Colin Charles Woodard
Sally Ann Woodard
Nigel Woodcock
Terence Woodcock BSc FRAeS FIMechE CENG A wonderful aircraft I helped to convert to a tanker, Falklands
Flt Lt George Woodhouse A E O 617 Sqn
Jonathan and Carolyn Woodrow
Peter Woodruff Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee
Brian J M Woods
Linda and Alan Woodward
Ken Woolfall
Peter Woolhouse
Mark D Woolley
Steve Woolley Congratulations to two special ladies
Harry Woolley Terrific aircraft never to be repeated
Karen Woolnough
Peter Woolven
John Wooster A salute from a 12 Squadron Vulcan Cold War Veteran
Bobb Wootten
Gill Wootten
Richard Workman
Miss Rosamund Worrall
Mr D A Wort
Sqn Ldr Paul Worthington MBE Retd
Keith W Wray
Reginald Barrie Wray I salute the icons of the 20th century HM The Queen & Vulcan
Lynne Wride
R. A. Wright
Peter N E Wright
Ray Wright
John D Wright
Ivy Wright
Judi Wright
Nigel Wright
John Wyatt
Gary Wykes
John H A Wylde Wishing a very happy Diamond Jubilee
James Wyse
Bill and Jacqui Yates
Robert Yates
Peter Yelland
Sgt Peter Yeo. The Kings Royal Hussars
Philip R Yeomans Congratulations Your Majesty. Long may you reign
Major J H H York MBE
Alwyn S York God save The Queen and long may she reign
Squadron Leader G E Young
Doug Young
David Kenneth Young
Mr Stephen Young
Terry Young
Sheila Young
Dr Alan Young
Derrick Zieba Happy Diamond Jubilee to the Queen & the Vulcan
Helene Marie Zierl


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